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Update from Throne City's Young Scribe · on 5/29/2002 20:48:27 13
Greetings my friends,

It would seem that between new businesses arriving in Throne City and the renewal of old business licenses, several shops have opened their doors.

Of these, the one most anxiously awaited is the reopening of Faldesu Exchequer. This bank was totally flooded some years ago, but the damage has been repaired (for the most part, anyway -- I still spotted some stains). I'm really pleased to once again have a safe place for my lirums with so many thugs around these days.

Curiousity seekers will enjoy the Emperor's Eye, the massive telescope that is the size of a building. Unfortunately, the custodians have sealed the main viewing port, but there's a multitude of decent quality telescopes to view the heavens on the scaffolding. Be warned -- some of those ladders are quite tough to climb!

Groeshum's Marbleworks is now open. Many of the city's residents are already familiar with Groeshum's work since he has handled much of the restoration, providing excellent recreations of original relics from the Imperial age. He notes that his catalogs are a bit light right now, but hopefully he'll be expanding his inventory. Meanwhile, be sure to take advantage of Groeshum's MAMAs weighing station.

Elanai's Delicate Tastes is now open, after having been closed for so long due to restocking. She tells me she's found a new distributer to provide her fine wines and cheeses. As always, Elanai proves herself to be the very epitomy of fashion! Such a lovely girl, though there's rumours that she has some questionable dealings with shady types.

A long time resident of Throne City has set up Jewel of the Faldesu, the new gemshop. I didn't get a chance to speak to her since she keeps to herself, but from what I understand retirement was too dull for this quiet Elven lady. Though I didn't catch her name, she did extend an invitation to experienced Traders to come speak to her about business dealings.

Saeru T'aen, who was once rumoured to have dealings with the fiend Lasarhhtha, has opened Seven Star Exchange and Pawn here in Throne City. As he put it, it's "much safer 'ere wit all da Y'Shai, yanno?" I don't mind being open about my mistrust of this fellow since I'm sure there's truth to the tales that he smuggled everything from tridents to Gnomes across the oceans.

Dahl Aeliy Provisions and Wares has set up shop to provide residents with goods of a general nature. Jearno isn't the most friendly man I've ever met, and I'm sure he, too, has his share of secrets. I could swear I had heard another person actually bought the business license for Dahl Aeliy Provisions, so I wonder if Jearno is the real owner. At any rate, he carries some nice supplies for digging out in the ruins.

Speaking of secrets... Simply by accident, I happened to be watching when a young crimson robed mage begin doing some odd magical tricks with a moonblade outside of Seord Sanuso Hall. Tezirites are notoriously shifty types in my opinion, and he wouldn't tell me what the cantrip was, but instead fled inside the hall. I guess I have no choice but to let curious members of the Progeny delve into what secrets that place holds. Of course, turning it over to that bunch is like snuffing a candlebra in a dark room so I don't expect to ever know what the truth is.

Enough of the rumour mill! In brighter news, the Y'Shai have succeeded in pushing back the angiswaerd deeper into the ruins! Huzzah! Unfortunately, while the angiswaerd can only be found in the old Magic and Garden Districts now, the young angiswaerd hatchlings have completely infested the old Merchant District just outside the narrow alley. I suppose the Y'Shai either had their hands full with the grown angiswaerd, or they simply deemed the hatchlings unworthy of their cambrinth enhanced attentions. In any case, at least the hatchlings aren't nearly as tough as their full-grown counterparts.

And with that, I sign this proclamation,

Your friend,
The Young Scribe

The OOC stuff: Throne City now has a bunch of new releases: a general store, a food shop, a pawnshop, a gemshop, an expansion to the Tezirite sect hall, the bank, a furniture store and MAMAs, a telescope area, and an expansion to the ruins including a new critter, the angiswaerd hatchling. Enjoy!


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