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Status: Alive
Race: Elothean
Gender: Female
Location: Throne City (Ranik Map 35)
Type: shopowner


The proprietor Elanai is an attractive young woman with amazingly clear brown eyes. Her hair is dusky blonde and a bit thick for an Elothean, but she keeps it tied neatly back in a very business-like ponytail. Today, she is wearing a deep black silk dress with soft rabbit-fur ruffles along the cuffs.


  • CHEESE: Elanai smoothes a wrinkle out of the paper menu as she says, "We have some of the best cheeses in the world. All are carefully aged, and I often try to find new types when I have time." You catch her giving you a suspicious look, but her expression quickly melts into a pleasant smile. "I'm busy with my wine tasting and buying... You know what they say... 'Apples when buying, cheese when selling.'"
  • WINE: Elanai indicates the other room with a smile. "I have a nice selection of elegant wines. They're perfect for weddings and special get-togethers. I also look for rare and unique wines for certain collectors, so if you ever have a nice bottle, please let me know." She pauses, giving you a suspicious look. "All legitimately, of course. Don't get any ideas."
  • THIEF: Elanai pauses and stares at you as if you'd come in with the plague. She turns away, muttering something about wine and buyers.