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Re: Fang Cove Rotating Shops Issue? · on 06/27/2013 11:16 PM CDT 1681
>Are they still rotating every seven days? If so, it would be really nice if they were faster.

They are still rotating every 7 days, yes. However, I've made another rotator and split the shops between the two. What this means is that two shops will be out at a time, and they'll rotate roughly at the same time. One from each of these lists should now be available at all times:

1) Frother's Beasts, Skin and Bones, Cute Critters, Phior's Fashions, Functional Furniture.
2) The Book Nook, Seasoned Dressings, The Black Orchid, The Sea Waif, The Knob.

We also have more shops to get added to the rotations, but we're not ready to do that just yet.

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