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Re: Accusations of non necromancers · on 12/7/2010 10:47:03 PM 1433
>>People should not have to leave town for extended days or be unable to go to their own guilds just because someone wants to take advantage of the system without it looking like they are taking advantage of the sytem.

For a non-Necromancer, the Fun timer starts at approximately one hour. It can only increase beyond that if the subject participates in a SO death spiral (or if a GM manually sets it longer).

>>It's really hard to keep getting successful accuses off a non necromancer.
>>Like, under 15%, if I recall correctly.

If the accuser and the accused have equal Charisma, a false accusation will work approximately one time in 50 accusations. Not even Ysselt against someone who's never raised Charisma at all has a 15% chance.

Note we're talking about the initial accusation of "She turned me into a newt!" Accusations that feed into a SO death spiral or that occur in the presence of a mechanically recognized "tell" are not considered false, even if the accused is not a Necromancer. Don't troll reactionary zealots if you want to live.

>>Welcome to the un-enlightened ages where 99.99% of the region is comprised of ignorant peasants and non-adventurer citizens; pitchforks and torches solve their problems just nicely.


Zeyurn and I are discussing modifying the system, but this really needs to be kept in mind. The Provinces are not in America and the Hounds are not held accountable to anyone except their distant and seemingly uncaring god.

If your character is at the wrong end of a torch-wielding mob, his options are to flee or suffer for his pride.


This message was originally posted in Surviving in DragonRealms - Elanthia (3) \ The Justice System (13), by DR-ARMIFER on the forums.