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A religious discussion on the soul with Court Cleric Arourra · on 4/11/2011 9:29:01 PM 7269
Arourra says, "Well, why don't we get started."

Arourra says, "Thank you all for coming here today. I am greatly interested in learning about various religious beliefs from other cultures and thought I would start off with something that most of us hold dear, though not all are believers."
Arourra says, "The soul."
Arourra says, "As a former Paladin, my soul was something I cherished. Much of my day was spent trying to keep it in a state of purity. It was almost an obsession. After leaving the guild and joining a new one, I think my perspective has changed a bit."
Arourra says, "I was wondering how many people here actually think they have a soul, if people would be willing to share their thoughts."
You hear the voice of Ignifera say, "I am quite certain we do."
Sebastienne says, "I have no doubt that I have a soul."
Arourra asks Sebastienne, "Not a single doubt?"
Schvartzgonif says, "Yes. i have a soul."
Dianelle says, "I know I hear a lot about how I turn paladin's souls darker than most care for."
Sebastienne says, "None."
Kadoshgonif says, "Aye."
Tyrun says, "I fear perhaps my take on this is biased."
Arourra asks Kadoshgonif, "No doubts either?"
Ignifera says to Arourra, "Both she and I have been given quite direct proof."
Kadoshgonif says, "I know i have one."
Arourra asks Ignifera, "Direct proof? Willing to share?"
Drekav asks, "Hasn't anyone who has died and departed been given direct proof of their having a soul?"
Ignifera says, "My dear one can speaj for herself, should she so wish, as our experiences are quite different."
Sebastienne says, "I am willing to share my own experiences after she finishes."
Ignifera says, "But yes, my studies have shown most direct proof of the soul, and its importance."
Tyrun asks, "Perhaps I enjoy stalling, but should we not establish what a soul is?"
Lasciel says, "It's like a moonbeam but inside you."
Traim says, "Good point."
Kadoshgonif says, "Having visited the void, i'm fairly certain I have a soul."
Arourra says to Tyrun, "Wanted to get to that."
Drekav says, "It's the thing that makes you go."
Ignifera says to Drekav, "Not quite, actually."
Ignifera says, "I can make things 'go' quite well without them having a soul."
Drekav says to Ignifera, "Your stance on it might be a little different than most."
Ignifera says, "The soul remains the most important aspect of sentience, however, that I will certainly contend."
Tyrun asks, "Is it not what ties our presence to whichever plane we happen to reside, regardless of the bonds of flesh?"
Sebastienne says, "To me the soul is the piece that ties the body, the mind, and the heart together into a whole being."
Ignifera says to Tyrun, "That is a tricky bit to confirm, actually. From what I can tell, souls only exist in this plane. Or well, natively so."
Arourra asks, "So what is a soul? Drekav stated that we die and are reborn and that is proof enough. Is a soul ours and only ours or do we get reborn with pieces missing and replaced? What is it?"
Ignifera says, "One can certainly lose portions of one's soul."
Ignifera says, "Most of you engage in such willingly on a regular basis."
Kadoshgonif says, "I would agree there. there are some beings that seem soulless."
Dianelle says, "I've certainly felt at times something that's either my soul or very close to it being partially taken from me."
Dianelle says, "Maybe that's just me though."
Gridaksma says, "There has been a time in my life that I have given up my soul."
Drekav says, "Your soul can be manipulated and it can be injured but it is the essence of what makes you, You."
Arourra says to Ignifera, "And can those lost pieces be replaced? A paladin would tell you that the soul can transform state, from tarnished to pure."
Arourra says to Dianelle, "I've felt it too."
Dianelle says, "Oh good."
Tyrun asks Arourra, "And can we not also tear shreds from our soul to fuel ourselves, serving as a painful sustenance? Are we healed anew when the effects fade?"
Arourra asks Tyrun, "Would you say it is just a binding essence or something greater?"
Ignifera says to Arourra, "I do believe so, in many cases. But there are circumstances in which such replenishment is prevented."
Ignifera says, "I however, find such soul damage, even if temporary, to be a befouling."
Synamon says, "You soul can be damaged and scarred."
Lasciel says, "Not mine."
Tyrun asks, "I have heard talk of denizens that lay between the shards of the moon Grazhir. I do not think they require true physical manifestation. Are they then without souls because there is not something tying them to a body?"
Schvartzgonif says, "During the time the soul is away from the body it seems to travel. somewhere. I'm not exactly sure, being as usually it comes back to the body when you're raised."
Arourra asks Synamon, "If so, what repairs it? Do we even have control over fixing this thing that is supposed to be ours?"
Ignifera says, "There are certain entities that attempt to siphon a soul away from its host at the time of any seperation."
Traim says to Tyrun, "If you're right, and they have souls tieing them there, I wonder how their souls differ."
Drekav says, "It depends on the type of damage you are referring to."
Synamon says, "I know that i carry a scar from being tainted by necromancy, different from the one from shock."
Dianelle asks, "Like wraiths?"
Ignifera says to Dianelle, "And the Immortals."
Arourra asks Ignifera, "You think Immortals steal our souls? What would they do with them?"
Ignifera says, "Consume them."
Sebastienne says, "Feed."
Ignifera says, "They are what sustains their existence."
Schvartzgonif says, "Possibly."
Drekav asks, "So where do they come from in the first place?"
Dianelle says, "That.. would explain a lot for me if that's true."
Ignifera says, "Which is what you do in part when you curry favor from them."
Sebastienne says, "Everytime you rub an orb you feed your chosen god or goddess."
Ignifera says, "But it is not until death that they look to feed in full."
Synamon asks, "You think you are feeding them pieces of your soul?"
Sebastienne says, "Did you ever stop to wonder why they care about us? It is the same reason we care for our farmlands."
Ignifera says to Synamon, "No, I think you are. I do not do such things."
Sebastienne says, "We do not want to starve."
Arourra asks, "So souls are just food for some higher being, and we are just the fortunate or unfortunate hosts? Can't one argue that they grant us souls to begin with? Are they just taking back what is theirs?"
Dianelle says, "I just figured I amused them."
Sebastienne says, "You can certainly argue that."
Ignifera says to Arourra, "No. Not just food, but to them, yes."
Sebastienne says, "It may even be true."
Ignifera says, "I do not believe it is theirs for the taking."
Sebastienne says, "But there is a thing that happens sometimes, when you are given something. You might find that you like it enough that you are unwilling to return it."
Sebastienne asks, "And then you have a choice to make, hmm?"
Schvartzgonif quietly says, "That is true."
Synamon asks Sebastienne, "So based on this, what do you do? do you not get favor with the gods?"
Tyrun says, "For someone with your background, I would assume you would understand the stakes when you back out on a loan."
Leucius says, "Choices can be funny things."
Synamon asks Sebastienne, "Or do you feed them parts of your soul?"
Sebastienne says, "I do indeed get Favors

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