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3.1 updates · on 10/13/2013 04:39 PM CDT 1280
The 3.1 updates are nearly done so I can now give a spell by spell summary. Not a ton of changes and any of this might get further adjusted when test relaunches. Remember that 2 spell slots should be roughly what an average spell costs. Also "no changes" just means the spell itself didn't change, core magic changes may change how it functions some (This applies to buffs, TM and cyclics in particular).

There are also some specific improvements to certain spells as well as some general clean up still coming, but they're not going to be part of 3.1 (tweaking spell difficulties for better training coverage once we see were the bug-fixed exp model puts us for example).

Perception Slots Changes
Clear Vision 1 No changes
Piercing Gaze 2 No changes
Locate 1 No changes
Distant Gaze 1 [NYI]General bug fixing
Seer's Sense 3 Refreshable on others
Aura Sight 2 No changes
Tenebrous Sense 1 No changes

Psychic Projection Slots Changes
Calm 1 No changes
Mental Blast 5 No longer requires a double tap to sleep, will sleep on high levels of success instead
Sleep 2 No changes
Hypnotize 1 No changes
Telekinetic Throw 1 Fixed acceleration message, reduced to 2 damage types, damage types vary with the moon (for slivers)
Telekinetic Storm 2 As above
Psychic Shield 1 Changed to battle spell, also defends vs Mind attacks
Rend 2 Now requires you to specify a target
Shear 3 Changed to battle spell, slightly rewrote the description
Thoughtcast 3 Increased duration for self cast
Mind Shout 2 [NYI]Respects area cast options

Moonlight Manipulation Slots Changes
Shadows 1 No changes
Focus Moonbeam 0 No changes
Dazzle 2 No changes
Refractive Field 2 Changed to a battle spell, added additional message for spell ending
Steps of Vuan 1 Added additional message for spell ending
Burn 2 No changes
Moonblade 1 No changes (I can't replicate the message bug with warded blades)
Dinazen Olkar 1 No changes
Shape Moonblade 1 No changes
Cage of Light 3 No changes
Shift Moonbeam 2 No changes

Enlightened Geometry Slots Changes
Shadowling 2 Properly scaled the bonus for maximum harness for 3.0
Shadow Servant 3 Now supports custom appearances
Partial Displacement 1 No changes
Teleport 2 No changes
Whole Displacement 2 No changes
Moongate 1 No changes
Riftal Summons 1 No changes
Contingency 3 No changes

Stellar Magic Slots Changes
Starlight Sphere 1 [NYI]Major revisions coming*
Invocation of the Spheres 2 Planets were rewritten to make this spell more usable, will eventually require a quest
Shadewatch Mirror 1 [NYI]Extensive bug fixing

*The values were not only grossly out of line with other Moon Mage spells but cyclic TM spells in general causing it to vastly outperform other forms of TM. The current version also encourages behaviors neither players nor staff like (Not using Moongate during the day, AFKing to avoid losing the cyclic, etc.) It's likely this spell will be one of the main spells seeing tweaking throughout test to get it right.

Teleologic Sorcery Slots Changes
Sever Thread 3 No changes
Tangled Fate 2 [NYI]Needs updates to mimic Prediction 3.1
Tezirah's Veil 3 No changes
Sovereign Destiny 3 No changes

Prediction, as mentioned in other posts, won't change much - but it will function slightly differently to conform to the new buff standards. I'm hoping to finish work on it today or tomorrow but the general intent is this:
Soft cap decreased from 30% to 20% (This is a global buff change).
Hard cap of 150 ranks removed (New 'hard cap' of 350 ranks. 1750 * 0.2 = 350)
Buffs now only respect the most powerful one on the target. If you give someone +10% perception from clear vision and then predict on them for +5% perception the spell will be dominant.
Power messaging will now reflect a % of possible bonus, not an absolute rank value.
Prediction is not subject to other spell-like limitations (Nor should other non-magic sources of buffs in general), such as the rank reduction when used on other players and SoI.


This message was originally posted in The Moon Mages \ The Lunar Magic Spell Books, by DR-RAESH on the forums.