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A simple devourer is a artificing template.

It is a 03- Easy template, uses 2 sigils (abolition, metamorphosis), and is covered by the Advanced Artificing Design technique.

It is ? by ? by ? spans.

  • This item will reflect the base component pearl used to create it, so the base measurements may vary. If the base component was a small pink pearl, the finished item will also be a small pink pearl.
  • Multi-armed devourers are a type of benign shadow creature. They serve by cleaning up anything on the floor in a room by eating it. Devourers have a ravenous appetite and will move in search of 'food' left on the ground. Devourers are summoned with 'devourer eggs,' which may be created using any type of pearl.


An example FOCUS for this item:

> focus my pearl

  You take the pearl in your hands and focus carefully upon it.
  You sense a matrix formed using Lunar mana, commonly referred to as the Simple Devourer enchantment.
  This enchantment appears ready for use.The enchantment appears of superior quality, has excellent potency, demonstrates central complexity, and is completely abstract.  This enchantment is of Minor grade, and was modified to bonus durability.  The matrix originally supported 3 charges, and has 3 charges remaining.
  You believe this item can be activated with rub.

``Failed Activation`` `You thumb your black pearl. It grows cool to the touch, but otherwise does nothing.

Roundtime: 10 sec.'

Still cost a charge.




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Additional Information

Pearl Value (Kronar) abolition (precision) metamorphosis (precision) Fount Grade Fount Quality Fount Color Product Tier Product Grade charges Notes
666 53 57 1-Minor 1-Common Grey Excellent potency, precise lines 1-Minor 3
1382 54 38 2-Lesser 1-Common Yellow Excellent potency, completely abstract lines 2-Lesser 2
1995 70 54 4-Major 4-Ultra Rare Yellow Excellent potency, completely abstract lines 4-Major 4 Could not activate with 638 arcana.
31716 70 70 3-Greater 4-Ultra Rare Yellow Excellent potency, very precise lines 3-Greater 3