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A dichroic gem, the merlot ruby appears as a deep purple-tinged red when viewed at one angle, and as a bright raspberry hue when viewed at a tilt. An ever-so-slight silky luster is visible within the stone, making it a bit less transparent than the average ruby, but greatly enhancing scintillation even when uncut. Merlot rubies are frequently highly faceted to create an effect that mimics light shining through a glass of rich red wine.

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ItemSource isRare item
Artfully curved bubble umbrella covered in claret camletTildi's Blooms (3)true
Cute silversteel lunchbox featuring glistening merlot ruby strawberriesLimited Treasures (2)true
Executioner's broad-axe (2)Dark Defenders (2)true
Lively merlot ruby dusk roseTildi's Blooms (3)true
Polished e'erdream telescope case with merlot ruby-inlaid capsClear Visions (2)true
Regal mink fur cap lined with soft Elven woolSmaller Side of Life (2)true
Set of merlot rubies crafted into a tiny cluster of grapesHollow Eve 421 Raffle Centertrue
Slender e'erdream telescope scattered with lustrous merlot rubiesClear Visions (2)true
Stylish deep purple slippers affixed with dainty merlot ruby heelsNigeyi's (2)true
Tiny merlot rubiesHair Apparent (3)true
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