Ditsworth's Floating Casino (Theren's Star)

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This casino is on the Theren's Star barge that runs between Riverhaven and Langenfirth.

Ditsworth's Floating Casino (Theren's Star)
Province Therengia
Town Riverhaven
Map Ranik's Map 30
Owner Ditsworth
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Casino shops, Game
This store only accepts Lirums

["Theren's Star", Ditsworth's Floating Casino]
Rope Alley is a large room filled with rope tumblers. Groups stand around the various tumblers shouting, cheering, and moaning as they watch the results of each tug. Every inch of available space along the room's walls is filled with a rope tumbler. A colorful banner reading "Fortune can be thine!" hangs at one end and a large sign sits in an easel by the exit. Several well armed Gor'Togs patrol the area. You also see a large sign.
Obvious exits: out.


  *                                   *
  * Ditsworth's Silver Rope Tumblers  *
  *                                   *
  *     1 silver Lirum per pull!      *
  *     ========================      *
  *                                   *
  * Three Cherries pays:  2 silver    *
  * Three Apples pays:    5 silver    *
  * Three Oranges pays:   1 gold      *
  * Three Peaches pays:  15 silver    *
  * Three Daggers pays:   2 gold      *
  * Three Shields pays:  25 silver    *
  * Three Crowns pays:    5 gold      *
  * Three Diamonds pays:  1 platinum  *
  *                                   *

Tumbler Description

The rope tumbler is a contraption of amazing design. A set of intricately meshed gears are mounted in an assembly lashed to the top of a hardwood frame. Each pull of the rope turns the gears, causing a spring to wind until it is released. Once released, the spring starts three cylinders spinning until their ratcheted gears overcome the inertia and brings the cylinders to a stop.

Betting Cycle

>pull tumbler
The attendant steps over to you and collects your money. She smiles and says, "Good Luck!"

You pull on the rope until the catch releases and the tumblers begin to spin! One by one they begin to lock into place...
[Round Time: 7]
The tumblers lock in with: orange-peach-diamond

Better luck next time!

*Note: Not known yet if this shop is closed at night