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Moon Mage Guide


Welcome to being a Moon Mage. If you are reading this, you either talked to Guildleader Gylwyn, or Guildleader Kssarh was not bothered by your presence long enough to throw you out a window. Moon Mages are the Elanthian seers, prophets, and masters of lunar magic.

While some would consider being a Moon Mage a life of ease, the truth is far different. Clerics follow the immortals while we view the heavens for insight and guidance, and even regularly walk the Astral Plane. Moon Mages are magicians first, and loremasters second. If you want to view the heavens, travel distant worlds, and use the force of your mind, the Moon Mage guild is for you.


Moon Mages are intimately in touch with the celestial bodies and the notion of time. They are also enchanters and astrologers.


Astrology lets the Moon Mage study the heavenly bodies for insight into the future. For some this is a calculation of space, time, and probability; for others, it takes on a more spiritual and ritualistic nature. The results are the same. Through careful observation, predictions can be made on a person's abilities - either to their benefit or detriment. There are several different tools available for the aspiring astrologer, or simply the use of the mage's mind alone. Nearly 70 heavenly bodies exist, which are able to be studied as the moon mage increases his or her standing within the guild.

Eventually, the mage gains the ability to broadly study the heavens and gain insight into what events may happen in the future.

Using careful observation and study, Moon Mages can also predict the weather, with increasing accuracy and insight into the future as they age.


As a moon mage gains in stature amongst the Guild and their peers, they will be able to undertake studies in order to learn how to bind ordinary items with magical abilities. With the knowledge of Enchanting, simple items can be imbued with the power of legend. Examples include: rings of invisibility, devices to share and send thoughts and brooches which can improve one's skill with a weapon.


Most magic users in Kermoria find that the strength of the mana streams they use (Arcane, Elemental, Holy and Life) varies between different "rooms". Moon Mages are not bound to the whims of areas for the strength of their magic and instead find that their strength of Lunar mana streams varies over time and between spell books as their power are derived from the movements and properties of the heavens themselves. This is both greatly beneficial, allowing the mage unfettered access to mana, but also a detriment, for the mage cannot move themselves in order to improve the quality of mana.

Lunar mana is directly bolstered by each Moon that is above the horizon, as well as during times when the moons are in conjunction or opposition. As a Moon Mage becomes more adept with the Attunement skill their ability to perceive celestial bodies will extend until they can sense the planets around the sun. At first only the inner planets will be within range and they will tend to move in and out of range as both they and Elanthia move about the Sun. As a mage becomes further adept the inner planets will remain permanently within range and the outer planets will, one by one, become available. Each planet that a Moon Mage is able to sense will increase the lunar mana available.

Unlike other guides, each Lunar Spell Book has a different amount of mana available to it. This relates the the different properties of each Moon.

Power Perception Mastery

Moon mages have the unique ability to detect spells, magic and enchantments on other characters by Percieving them.

Astral Travel

When Grazhir shattered, several shards landed upon Kermoria. The Guild has taken and bound several of these shards, allowing a sufficiently powerful mage to attempt Astral Travel. This is not for the weak of mind or the inexperienced mage, as death can threaten with only the slighest hope of recovery. However, with this risk comes the ability to reach virtually any area of Kermoria in minutes rather than the time taken to walk somewhere on foot.

Training a Moon Mage

Moon Mages are magicians and scholars primarily. However, they do need some survival skills as well: several aid in studying the heavens, others ensure that one can survive the effects of angry townspeople who do not like knowing the truth about the future.


Magic is the primary focus of a moon mage. The more powerful the magical skills, the more effective the spells. Lunar Magic will dictate the strength of many abilities, including how far away one can teleport or open a moongate. Attunement skill affects the ability to hold gates (or mana) for longer periods of time. Arcana lets one store energy in cambrinth as well as impacts enchanting abilities. Targeted Magic lets one more accurately focus their spells upon a target to destroy it. It will likely be the most powerful offensive weapon in the moon mage's arsenal.


Moon Mages are scholars and seers. Scholarship helps studying sigil scrolls and other abilities. A sage must be able to read in order to understand the future. Astrology is a signature Moon Mage skill that affects enchanting and predicting the future. Other important skills include Mechanical Lore (for enchanting) and Appraisal to tell accurately an item's worth.


A Mage needs to be able to survive to gain wisdom and power. Evasion will likely be their primary defense against the foes. Foraging lets one find limbs for creating their burins for enchanting, or herbs to heal wounds. Perception helps see the heavens. Other skills like First Aid will help tend wounds, while Swimming or Climbing will help one reach otherwise inaccessible places.

Armor & Weapons

Armors and Weaponry are the weakest skills for a Moon Mage. This is both good and bad. It lets the mage experiment with different weapons or armors while not restricting their advancement in the guild. The downside is a mage can easily let these skills fall behind, resulting often in a poor mage who is unable to deal with their foes.

Usual weapons include medium or heavy edged weapons, while light chain or leather armors are popular for defense. A shield is an easily trained defense and is highly recommended. Regarding weapons, the Moonblade and Shape Moonblade spells will let the Moon Mage form all types of edged weapons as well as a quarterstaff.


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