Bukor's Leatherworks

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Bukor's Leatherworks
Province Zoluren
Town Knife Clan
Map Ranik's Map 5a
Owner Bukor
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Armor shops, Shield shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Knife Clan, Bukor's Leatherworks]
Low tables are pushed up against bare rock walls in this natural cavern. Carefully tanned furs and leathers are arranged haphazardly about the area, no thought having been given to a proper display. Bukor, a Gor'Tog of great skill but suspect taste, is well known in the Clan for his temper. He knows his work is excellent, and expects to be compensated accordingly.
You also see a low round table with several things on it and a short oak counter with a couple of things on it.
Obvious exits: northeast, out.

On the oak counter
Item Price Done
reinforced cougar-hide targe - small shield (trivial hindrance) 625   
roughly-constructed buckler crudely emblazoned with a single large knife - medium shield (minor hindrance) 750   
On the round table
Item Price Done
darkened leathers tooled with the imprint of a knife - torso/arms/legs 1,093   
reinforced leather greaves secured with brass buckles - legs 325   !!
reinforced coat of scaled cuirboulli leather - torso/arms 875   !!
articulated leather breastplate with brass rivets - torso 575   !!
stiff leather jerkin with suede lining - torso 575   !!
leather vambraces with heavy brass buckles - arms 393   !!
supple leather gloves tooled with the imprint of a knife - hands 240   
sturdy leather helm with a ridged crest - head/eyes/neck 350   !!
supple leather mask with an articulated leather beard - head/eyes/neck 350   !!
light armor