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Status: Alive
Race: Gor'Tog
Gender: Male
Location: Knife Clan (Ranik Map 5a)
Type: guard


Equipped with mismatched scraps of cracked leather and a crude, bone-handled sword, Grog typifies one of the Knife Clan raiders known to terrorize this region. But what truly makes this Gor'Tog unique are the twigs and leaves stuck in his clothing and the large sapling brandished in his right hand -- both used somewhat comically as a vain attempt to blend into the surrounding foliage.


A cursory glance reveals a large, upright sapling ripped from the earth, its once vibrant leaves and flowers now bare and brittle. The twigs quiver unnaturally, however, suspended by the outstretched arm of a green-tinted figure trying to remain hidden behind this poor excuse for concealment. A pair of yellowed leather boots protrudes from the tree's matted roots, and the stalker's bare scalp juts beyond the highest twig as a laughable oversight. One thing's for certain -- this is no ranger.


  • A dead leaf falls off of Grog's battered tree and drifts to the ground. Dutifully, Grog picks it back up, licks the stem and attempts to stick it back on the limb where it fell. With a dejected sigh, Grog realizes the vanity of his improvisation and gently places the leaf in one of his pockets.
  • A multi-colored beetle creeps across the ground at a microscopic pace, catching Grog's attention nevertheless. The fascinated Gor'Tog gasps and instantly plops himself down beside the insect, watching its slow progress with innocent wonder.
  • You hear some snoring from behind the sickly tree.
  • Grog shrieks and ducks behind his sapling, planting it firmly in the ground as if the spindly limbs could do much to hide his considerable bulk.
  • Grog opens a great flagon and tosses back an enormous gulp, using the back of his hand to wipe a few excess droplets from his chin. "Mmmm, Gor'Tog GROG!", he exclaims happily.
  • Grog picks some fur out of his teeth.
  • Grog yawns loudly.
  • Grog ambles in trailing leaves and twigs.
  • Grog glances around furtively and chants, "Guard! Guard! Guard!"
  • Grog ambles <direction>.
  • A sickly tree emits a low growling sound.