Knife Clan Metal Dyer

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Metal Dyer
Province Zoluren
Town Knife Clan
Map Ranik's Map 5a
Owner Klurge
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Dye shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Knife Clan, Back Room]
A pine counter liberally spattered with a muddied rainbow of colors blocks passage deeper into the room. Near a dark curtain at the back of the shop can be seen several barrels of pigmented metallic powders stacked carelessly next to a large bucket of half-dried paint. Klurge, the proprieter of the operation, stands behind the counter, watching incoming customers with suspicious eyes. A color menu list is nailed to the wall to the left of the exit. You also see the proprieter Klurge.

Note: This shop only works on metal. (He will not dye arrows, for example.) However, he doesn't dye metal jewelry. (Tested with a hammered copper tailband.)

Hold the item to be dyed in the right hand and ORDER the color by number. For example: "ORDER 18" buffed brown color dye is desired. All dye jobs cost 1000 copper kronars or the equivalent amount in silver or gold coins. To cancel the dye job after ordering, REFUSE and the order will be cancelled.

Available Dyes ~~1000 Kronars~~
  • 1 - Red
  • 2 - Yellow
  • 3 - Pink
  • 4 - Purple
  • 5 - Blue
  • 6 - Green
  • 7 - White
  • 8 - Black

If the item has a special LOOK, Klurge won't paint it.

Forged equipment can be dyed without losing the forger's mark, although the dye job will obliterate all other descriptions. For example, when dyed "a bastard sword" became "a gold-edged sword."