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Name Skill Season Time Special Conditions Terrain Body Part Healed
yelith root 60 all all chaparral, scrub and thorn, steppe internal limb wounds

Recall Herb

You recall yelith root is used to heal internal limbs injuries, and is generally found in steppes, chaparral, scrub and thorn areas.


Yelith root is a dark grey-green with a main root that terminates in symmetrical tendrils that fork evenly. The secondary tendrils are most pronounced at the bottom, while being sparse along the rather straight root. The leaves are broad, long and flecked with golden orange, making it easy to spot. The flavor is a bit sour to most races, and it has a rather crunchy texture.[1]

Common Locations

Often found with almonds and cebi roots.


  • North Road, Plains (On NTR two rooms north from the bridge halfway between crocs and fire sprites).





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ItemSource isRare item
Black spidersilk robe intricately embroidered with an assortment of flowering plantsJust Desserts (1)
Fine satin pouch embroidered with open hands holding healing herbsHide and Seektrue


  1. Healing Herbs (book)

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