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Firekast Bellfree
Status Active
Race Human
Gender Male
Guild Warrior Mage
Instance Prime


You see Knight Magister Firekast Bellfree, Vice-Speaker of the Order of the Dragon Shield, a Human.

Firekast has jade eyes. His black hair is long and straight, and is worn untamed. He has fair skin.
A circle of obsidian is positioned between his eyes, surrounded by an aura of shadow rippling against his skin.
He appears to be elderly.
His right palm has a tattoo of a single thriving flamerose on a dead bush full of thorns.

He is wearing some heavy firesilk war robes studded with damite, an ashcloak branded with a myriad of brightly burning scarlet sigils, a dark leather mage's harness, a hand-stitched traveler's pack, a lumium targe forged into the shape of a dartboard, some dartsman's hand claws wrapped with oiled leather, an albredine crystal ring, a sigilated platinum ring, a darkened firesilk naphtha holder set with a tempest sapphire clasp, some reinforced firesilk footwraps tipped with ruby dragon's teeth, some winged hog-leather boots and a spiraling flamewood parry stick.

Prized Items

TAP: A fire-blackened magister's sword with a long flamewood haft
LOOK: The long blade has been scarred by years of channeling magic through it, but still retains a razor-sharp electrum edge. Along the dark crimson haft, the words "Faltref Getha" are inlaid in ruby surrounded by golden runes representing the elements. Impressed into the metal is the image of a panther paw crossed by two katars. Encircling the design are the words, "Son of Damaris".

TAP: A fire-blackened magister's axe with a long flamewood haft
LOOK: Atop the head of the axe is a wickedly long spike, weighted to provide balance, leading down to the razor-sharp kertig blade. Along the dark crimson wood, the words "Faltref Getha" are inlaid in ruby surrounded by golden runes representing the elements.

TAP: Some heavy firesilk war robes studded with damite
LOOK: The dark crimson fabric brings out shifting shades ranging from deep red to brilliant gold with each movement, giving the semblance of flames flickering against the damite studs. The sides of the tight fitting robes have cut high to allow ease of movement in combat. The arms of the robe have been embellished with a pattern of electrum inlaid flames that stretch from the shoulder down to the cuff.

TAP: A darkened firesilk naphtha holder set with a tempest sapphire clasp
LOOK: The red silk threads used in the warp of the fabric make the holder appear to shimmer with red fire as the light catches it. An exquisitely carved tempest sapphire shapes a dragon's head, his breath extending over the opening of the holder to form a clasp of blue and grey with just a hint of darkness in its depths. Reinforced steelsilk slots are set to keep the volatile naphtha close at hand.

TAP: A dark leather mage's harness
LOOK: Ruby-inlaid runes representing the elements cover the opening of the weapon harness. A great dragon with sparkling jade eyes is stitched in gold, breathing bright amber flames incinerating a horde of painted orcs led by the notorious Viggu.

TAP: A miniature figurine displaying three clumsy gerbils attempting to form a pyramid
LOOK:The figurine portrays the comical antics of the gerbils. The top gerbil appears to be struggling upon the back of the other two to form the apex. READ:~~ THIRD PLACE ~~ Warrior Mage Gathering in year of the Bronze Wyvern ~~ Familiar Talent Contest ~~