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Drexella's Trial (LONG) · on 01/11/2012 02:16 AM PST 1785
Thanks to Nithhogr for logging this..

Apologies if some of the formatting is odd.
[Theren Keep, Dais]
A few steps or so above the polished marble deck, this raised platform nevertheless grants a commanding presence over the great hall. Glowing braziers flank the Baron's throne, infiltrating the chamber with feeble, reddish light and the pungent smell of burning herbs. Gazing downwards, the hall seems barren and quiet despite its restoration, mourning the ancestral knights, ladies, battle songs, and ballads that echoed through the keep so long ago.
You also see a padded ebonwood armchair, a padded ebonwood armchair and a stone pedestal with several things on it.
Also here: Council Leader Chelmoraes, Drexella, Battle Chanter Craetos, Court Advisor Valkri who is radiating a glowing aura, Baronial Guardsman Dragaus, Aegis of Justice Sebestyen, Gar Rae Raenaden Larohald who is sitting, Lady Shantelle who is sitting and Lord Chamberlain Isleif.
Obvious exits: down.
Larohald says, "The Lord Chamberlain will read the charges."
Craetos bows to Larohald.
Larohald blinks.
Dragaus stands near Larohald.
Dragaus moves over to guard Larohald.
Larohald says, "One moment."
Valkri raises an eyebrow in Larohald's direction.
Baron Gyfford just arrived.
Valkri blinks.
Dragaus bows to Gyfford.
Gyfford says, "I will hear this myself."
With a graceful movement of her hands, Valkri lowers her head and sinks into a formal curtsy before
Sebestyen kneels down before Gyfford.
Gyfford sits down on the bejeweled throne.
Sebestyen bows his head.
Valkri kneels down before Gyfford.
Drexella kneels down before Gyfford.
Chelmoraes kneels down before Gyfford.
Craetos bows to Gyfford.
Gyfford says, "Rise."
Valkri stands up.
Dragaus stops guarding Larohald.
Chelmoraes stands up.
Drexella stands up.
Dragaus moves over to guard Gyfford.
Sebestyen stands up.
Larohald says, "Ahh I defer tohis Grace then."
Gyfford nods to Larohald.
Gyfford says, "Chamberlain read the charges."
Isleif bows to Gyfford.
Isleif says, "The charges are as follows."
Isleif says, "Dereliction of duty."
Isleif says, "Collusion with then enemy."
Isleif says, "Failure to report danger to the heir."
Isleif says, "Also if it pleases it your grace the ultimate charge of Treason."
The shadowy orb of light hovering near Valkri pulses, as if alive.
Gyfford nods.
Valkri breathes very slowly and looks much calmer.
Drexella slowly empties her lungs.
Gyfford asks, "And how do you plead?"
Drexella says, "I did not do these things, my Baron."
Gyfford says, "Very well Chamberlain you may present the facts as you know them."
Isleif bows.
Isleif says, "The charges are based on witnesses both during and after the day in question."
Isleif says, "Two of the witnesses are Morzindaen."
Isleif says, "One is my own man Coenrad."
Isleif says, "The Heir who will not be here left these words to me."
Isleif says, "He was attacked unarmed and unarmored by someone well known to the accused."
Isleif says, "The accused made no effort to remove his attacker."
The shadowy orb floats serenely in the air, just above Valkri's head.
Isleif says, "And further made no effort to attack this man."
Drexella's jaw drops.
Drexella covers her mouth with her hand.
Chelmoraes blinks.
Sebestyen raises an eyebrow.
Larohald says, "One moment."
Larohald says, "On this dais you will comport yourselves properly."
Larohald says, "Continue."
Isleif says, "Further the heir admits he may have missed something being dead himself."
The glowing aura fades from around Valkri.
Isleif says, "For my second witness there is the Lady Shantelle."
Isleif says, "Lady."
Shantelle smiles.
Isleif says, "Tell us what you saw."
Shantelle stands up.
Shantelle says, "I was invited to the ball by Drexella and as soon as she sent me a reminder as I asked I sent a page to let her know I was attending so she could prepare to receive nobility."
Isleif nods.
Shantelle says, "I realize it takes time to prepare security and such."
Shantelle smiles.
Shantelle says, "I spoke with Gwenddolyn to prepare travel arrangements and security along the way
which she did."
Gyfford spins the signet ring about his finger for a moment.
Shantelle says, "The evening was going well and Drexella took us on a tour of the new building including the upstairs which required an ODS member so was secure."
Shantelle says, "We watched a rags contest after which Oleveir said and I quote, "I didn't wear armor and old leather but I see I could have."
Isleif turns a page in his hide journal.
Shantelle says, "So everyone knew he was unarmored."
Shantelle asks, "Why would we wear armor to a formal ball?"
Isleif nods.
Shantelle says, "So Chabelle sang a lovely song and then this fool named Sameol arrived and declared, "Down with Therengia."
Gyfford raises an eyebrow.
Shantelle says, "Drexella was on him immediately and had him tossed out in a flash."
Shantelle says, "So we felt quite secure."
Isleif says, "Go on,."
Shantelle nods.
The shadowy orb of light hovering near Valkri whirls curiously as bolts of liquid silver light arc between it and Valkri's hands.
Shantelle says, "The evening rolled along with everyone having fun until we heard Ogdaro in the shadows make a comment on how his apprentice had been tossed out. In a flash, he tossed a weapon at
oleveir and killed him."
Shantelle sighs.
Isleif nods.
Isleif asks, "So the heir of course was not the agressor?"
Shantelle says, "He was not."
Isleif nods.
Craetos nods to Drexella.
Isleif asks, "What else?"
Shantelle says, "I noticed Sebestyen prepping a spell and Gwenddolyn sprang into action."
Isleif nods.
Isleif asks, "Did the heir make a comment of some kind?"
Isleif asks, "Prior to the murder?"
Shantelle says, "Gwen was killed immediately and then I saw Drexella just stare at Ogdaro."
Shantelle says, "Nothing that you wouldn't expect."
Isleif says, "Yes and if name calling was grounds for murder we would all be dead."
Isleif says, "But go on about Drexella."
Shantelle says, "He made an offhand comment but nothing you'd kill the Heir of Theren over my lord."
Crackling bolts of silver light streak over the orb hovering near Valkri, sharpening her facial features with an eerie play of luminance and shadow.
Isleif nods.
Shantelle says, "Both Oleveir and Gwenddolyn had been killed before Drexella finally tried to take Ogdaro out."
Isleif nods.
Isleif asks, "Anything else?"
Shantelle says, "She must have assumed my own guard would protect me."
Shantelle says, "After that Addisyn whisked me out according to one of their security plans. Gwen always makes several."
Shantelle smiles.
Isleif nods.
Shantelle says, "I did send Mordibar back with armor and a weapon for Oleveir."
Shantelle says, "From that point I was kept safe on a boat and saw no more."
Shantelle smiles.
Isleif says, "Thank you."
Isleif says, "Any questions highness."
Isleif bows to Gyfford.
Larohald says, "None."
Gyfford says, "And none myself."
Craetos bows to Isleif.
Craetos bows to Gyfford.
Craetos asks Isleif, "May I ask a few pertinent questions?"
Isleif says, "Yes."
Craetos says to Shantelle, "Greetings my lady."
Shantelle says, "Greetings."
Shantelle smiles at Craetos.
Craetos says to Shantelle, "I would like to ask just a few quick questions."
Craetos smiles at Shantelle.
Shantelle nods.
Larohald shifts his weight.
Craetos asks Shantelle, "Do anyone ever inform Lady Drexella of which nobles would be attending the
Shantelle says, "Why would we? All nobility should be treated as precious."
Craetos says to Shantelle, "And all nobility is, but some nobility are more of target than others."
Shantelle says, "Considering what a target I've been I think that's irrelevant."
Shantelle smiles.
Isleif says, "If I may that is not strictly true."
Isleif says, "There are people are there who will gladly harm any nobility."
Craetos says to Isleif, "While that is true of some, for true dissenters I assure you they'd much rather try to harm the Baron than yourself."
Gyfford says, "This is not debate sir."
Craetos says to Isleif, "While you are both nobility something happening to the Baron would be more
of a blow to Theren."
Shantelle says, "The killing of any noble is a crime."
Gyfford says, "Let us leave it at all nobility is a tempting target."
Craetos says to Gyfford, "You are absolutely correct your Grace I was merely trying to establish something, I do apologize if I'm sound contradictory."
Craetos nods to Gyfford.
Gyfford says, "Continue."
Craetos says to Gyfford, "Yes your Grace."
Kattena just arrived.
Kattena walks down.
The shadowy orb of light hovering near Valkri whirls curiously as bolts of liquid silver light arc between it and Valkri's hands.
Craetos asks Shantelle, "The heir has a valet and guards?"
Shantelle says, "I really don't watch Oleveir dress so I don't know what his daily habits are."
Shantelle smirks.
Craetos chuckles.
Craetos nods to Shantelle.
Isleif coughs.
Valkri grins at Shantelle.
Craetos says, "Let me rephrase that then."
Shantelle says, "As far as guards, he has every citizen of Therengia."
Shantelle smiles.
Shantelle says, "Or he should."
Shantelle smiles.
Craetos asks, "Has this heir or any heir of Theren been the target of any sort of attack in say the
last generation or two?"
Isleif asks, "We are back to the question of nobility as targets again?"
Shantelle asks, "May I ask how this applies to the evening in question?"
Craetos says, "Why yes."
Isleif says, "My lords I must ask what the relevence of this question is."
Craetos asks, "Why would the heir go out with neither armor nor his own escort?"
Shantelle says, "As i said he has all the citizens of Therengia who should be guarding him."
Gyfford says, "I often goout without armor , I do not dance well in plate."
Gyfford says, "There are time armor is not called for."
Craetos says to Gyfford, "True but the rare times I've seen you without armor you've been guarded by more than just the citizenry."
Gyfford says, "Move on from the armor."
Shantelle says, "And I did ask him so I'd have a dancing partner."
Valkri blinks at Craetos.
The shadowy orb hovering near Valkri suddenly dips behind her left shoulder, circling timidly behind her back.
Craetos nods to Shantelle.
Gyfford says, "I have ruled on this question move on from the armor."
Craetos nods to Gyfford.
Craetos says, "One last question for milady."
Shantelle nods to Craetos.
Craetos asks Shantelle, "Do you remember roughly how long it took Ogdaro to react to the what the heir said about him?"
The shadowy orb floats serenely in the air, just above Valkri's head.
Shantelle says, "Immediately, I beleive Ogdaro would have attacked him whether the heir spoke or not."
Craetos says to Shantelle, "Thank you milady, I appreciate your candor."
Isleif asks, "If I may lady?"
Shantelle nods to Isleif.
Isleif says, "I know my lord has ruled that nobles go out without armor but as this seems to be in the way of putting the blame on the heir doing so...."
Isleif asks, "How many people there were also without armor?"
Shantelle says, "Many my Lord, they were in costume."
Isleif nods.
Isleif says, "And one last question."
Shantelle says, "Of course."
Isleif asks, "You say the attack was immediate?"
Isleif asks, "So then Ogdaro came in armed which would then make it premeditaed?"
Tendrils of crackling silver light sweep beneath the shadowy orb like tentacles of an ethereal octopus as it hovers placidly near Valkri.
Shantelle says, "Yes, the only way Ogdaro could have thrown that quick is if he had the weapon ready in hand and aimed."
Isleif says, "Thank you that is all."
Gyfford nods.
Shantelle asks, "May I sit Your Grace?"
Gyfford says, "Yes of course."
Shantelle sits down on the ebonwood armchair.
Craetos asks Isleif, "Excuse my my Lord but can I address one thing you just said?"
The translucent image of an owl glistens briefly in the shadowy depths of the orb hovering near Valkri.
Isleif nods.
Craetos says to Isleif, "With the exception of being in the presence of your Grace the Baron or my King I go no where unarmed. I can attest to plenty of other's who do the same."
Isleif nods.
Isleif asks, "Weapon in hand would be different yes?"
Craetos says to Isleif, "Aye my Lord it is but for one to grab and throw a weapon take but the blink of an eye, and are rarely aimed when thrown."
A shadowy orb rippling with silver arcs of light spins slowly through the air, orbiting Valkri's body like a miniature, luminous moon.
Isleif says, "Immediate is the key word here."
Isleif says, "But moving on."
Craetos nods to Isleif.
Isleif says, "I have my own testimony to give on behalf of my man Coenrad."
Isleif says, "After the ball I sent my man to deliver a pointed message to Ogdaro."
Isleif says, "When he arrived on the islands he noticed that the accused and the murderer were very
Sebestyen just left.
Sebestyen wanders in.
Isleif says, "The accused did not seem outraged or willing to take justice for the murderers actions."
Isleif says, "In fact she hunted with him and was seen removing Idon Raider items before anyone saw."
Valkri balls up her fists stiffly at her side.
Shantelle frowns.
Isleif says, "During the spider festival she was also seen to be very friendly with this murderer."
Chelmoraes glances at Valkri.
Isleif says, "Further I received a report that told me Ogdaro had told Drexella he would lay the heads of Therengians at her feet and this statement was prior to the ball."
Isleif asks, "What are nobles if not Therengians?"
Isleif asks, "Did she under take to report this to anyone?"
Isleif shakes his head.
Isleif says, "She continued to train with him after the murders and this my lords in collusion."
Isleif bows to Gyfford.
Isleif glances at Drexella.
Drexella gazes silently at Isleif.
Isleif asks, "Is it not true that you were often seen in his company after the murder?"
Drexella says, "Often? No it is not."
Isleif says, "At the festival and on the islands."
Drexella says, "I was seen in the company of many people at the fest. I was not avoiding him or anyone else."
Isleif says, "That was not my question."
Craetos nods to Drexella.
Isleif asks, "On the day you were formally accused were you not seen with him in the Crossing?"
Drexella says, "I was at the temple grounds with him, other Raiders, another ODS member and a few Zolurens."
Isleif asks, "Knowing this man was an enemy of the state did you not also continue to train with him?"
Drexella says, "It was right after I had been killed out on Mount Asketi and gated to Crossing as a
Drexella says, "I do not hunt with Ogdaro. I fight him."
Isleif says, "Please do not lie."
Isleif says, "You have been seen."
Isleif says, "You have admitted as such to Commander Marsais."
Drexella says, "That he is teaching me how to be able to fight and kill him, this I admitted to."
You hear a male voice yell from the somewhere nearby, "OFF WITH IT!"
Isleif asks, "And no one in your home province who is not a criminal can train you?"
Isleif asks, "Say the mighty Sir Madigan?"
Drexella says, "Sir Madigan is skilled, but no Barbarian."
Isleif says, "Not the question."
Drexella says, "I have trained with several people here at home."
Isleif asks, "The question is why did you train with an known enemy of Therengia?"
Drexella says, "To learn to kill him myself and never let something like this happen again."
Isleif says, "I see."
You hear a male voice yell from the somewhere nearby, "Can I hunt with Latathi? Just to learn to kill him of course!"
Isleif asks, "And if that is so why socialize at festival with him?"
Isleif asks, "To learn what exactly?"
Drexella says, "The festival is a time for most enemies to be civil to each other. We were."
Gyfford says, "There will be silence in the gallery or I will have that person locked up."
Isleif asks, "Oh so then I suppose having a drink with a necromancer at the festival would be fine as well?"
Isleif says, "The point here is an enemy is an enemy."
Drexella says, "If by that you mean my drinking coffee in the merchant lounge while waiting? I'm guilty of that as well."
Isleif says, "My lord she condems herself out of her own mouth."
Isleif says, "I have nothing further."
Gyfford nods.
Drexella says, "My Baron, I have a statement prepared when I am allowed to give it."
Craetos asks Isleif, "May I my Lord?"
Gyfford asks, "Let your advocate speak first?"
Drexella says, "Of course, Sire."
Gyfford nods.
Drexella says, "And Seb and Chel first if they wish."
Gyfford nods.
Craetos asks Isleif, "If I may ask what is your profession?"
Isleif says, "Warrior Mage by guild Morzindaen by birth."
Craetos nods to Isleif.
Craetos asks Isleif, "So you couldn't instruct me in a way to properly use the abilities of my chosen profession. That of being a barbarian correct?"
Isleif says, "If I was more skilled with a weapon yes I could."
Craetos asks Isleif, "I said the abilities of my profession. Which roars work best in what situation, when to use a given dance or berserk?"
Isleif says, "I could not but then it is not like there are not barbarian of the proper rank here in Therengia."
Craetos says, "That uniqueness is why Sir Madigan wouldn't be very good trainer for her."
Isleif asks, "What did I just answer?"
Isleif says, "There are barbarians of rank here in this province."
Isleif says, "Or at least ones who do not murder heirs."
Craetos says, "There are not unfortunately for there are limited oppurtunites for us here hence the
Lady herself heading out the islands."
Craetos says, "On that second part you would be more correct."
Isleif asks, "And she could not find barbarians there who were not outlawed?"
Isleif says, "Boggles the mind."
Craetos says, "Not really for the most part we are solitary in nature and tend to be reclusive. To have more than three or four in the same place is rare."
Craetos says, "But moving on from that."
Shantelle says, "My Lord, we had Magdar who is a Rissan Barbarian as an ambassador at one point and
well skilled."
Craetos nods to Shantelle.
Craetos says, "Magdar is much skilled as is Caraamon."
Craetos says, "But both spend much more time in the forge than outside it."
Gyfford says, "Stay to the point please."
Craetos nods to Gyfford.
Craetos says, "Festivals have always been neutral grounds and as such no place for violence."
Craetos says, "That is all."
Isleif says, "If I may."
Craetos nods to Isleif.
Isleif says, "There is no rule that says must be close and friendly with the banned at festivals either."
Isleif says, "I am done my lords."
Gyfford nods.
Gyfford asks, "Who wishes to speak first?"
Chelmoraes quietly asks, "If I may?"
Sebestyen nods.
Drexella smiles at Chelmoraes.
With a graceful flutter of her hands, Chelmoraes sinks down in a formal curtsy.
Chelmoraes says, "Sire."
Gyfford nods.
Chelmoraes says, "My lords."
Chelmoraes says to Shantelle, "And my lady. I am unsure if you recall me, but we met at the ball in
Shantelle says, "I do indeed."
Shantelle nods to Chelmoraes.
Chelmoraes says, "I was hoping to fill in a few things that perhaps went unnoticed that are relevant here, if I may."
Gyfford nods.
Chelmoraes says, "Starting with the quite shocking events when Ogdaro arrived."
Chelmoraes says, "When he came in, he seemed particularly miffed about his apprentice being booted,
and to be honest, I feared for Drexella's safety, as she was the one who did the booting."
Chelmoraes says, "I recall the advisor, Valkri, waving her hands and clapping them, it looked as if
she was going to cast a spell, just before the heir spoke and was quickly killed."
Chelmoraes says, "I thought, perhaps, she knew a way to remove him from shadow, to force him to stand in the light, but then it was too late."
Chelmoraes shudders.
Chelmoraes says, "Things were chaotic, as you might imagine, but I know I myself and later Drexella
tried to remove the offender bodily, but failed."
Chelmoraes says to Shantelle, "I also noted that you made note of the safety of the upstairs area of our house, and the guards who are posted at the stairway."
Chelmoraes says, "Again, it was chaotic, so it is not surprising that it went unnoticed when I called for you to follow me, intending to lead you to the safety of the office upstairs."
Shantelle says, "Which I wondered why the party was not moved there after Sameol."
Shantelle says, "This never would have happened."
Chelmoraes nods.
Chelmoraes says, "An interesting idea, although I am not sure we would have fit."
Chelmoraes says, "Not for more than standing room, in any case."
Gyfford folds his arms across his chest.
Shantelle says, "I beg to differ but please go on."
Chelmoraes says, "In any case, I was only slow in offering to relocate you, as I was healing the heir. It is hard to do many things at once."
Chelmoraes says, "You have my deepest apologies for that."
Shantelle nods to Chelmoraes.
Chelmoraes says, "I do know that I saw many attack the offender, but again, it was chaotic. I know at one point, Drexella threw punches, but he was quite skilled."
Chelmoraes says, "Regardless, the heir was dead, as we've all come to agree."
Chelmoraes says, "Which brings me to the second piece of evidence against Drexella."
Chelmoraes says, "It was no secret and there was no need for spying to know that Drexella was training with Ogdaro in order to fight against him."
Chelmoraes says, "She informed the council of the order, told us everything, and invited us to do as we see fit."
Chelmoraes says, "She has been nothing but open with us on that fact."
Chelmoraes says, "But her disgust for the raiders and all they stand for has always been clear and foremost."
Gyfford says, "That does make it any less a crime."
Chelmoraes says to Gyfford, "I defer to your judgement on what is and is not a crime."
Gyfford says, "Does not."
Chelmoraes says, "However, I can tell you she has never been friendly with them, as is being suggested here."
Isleif closes his hide journal.
Chelmoraes says, "There is speak of her wearing clothing related to raiders, but since we were planning a costume ball for after the festival, I thought nothing of it."
Larohald snorts, loudly.
Chelmoraes says, "There is talk of her socializing at the festival, but I myself have found myself in the room with someone not welcome in Therengia outside of her borders. It has been made clear in
the past that outside of the borders, we are not to cause trouble, so I have not done so."
Chelmoraes says, "If this is a crime, I would wager there are few who are innocent."
Gyfford says, "Yes but how many of those murdered my heir."
Chelmoraes says, "Even just the one, I have seen present in public, all in the room with him should
suffer if one suffers."
Chelmoraes blushes a bright red color.
Gyfford says, "Yes."
Gyfford nods.
Chelmoraes says, "And for Drexella to be singled out, given how loyal she has always been to Therengia, to your father, and to you...well, sire, my mind is also boggled."
Brief flashes of silver light illuminate the surroundings in sharp bursts as shimmering bolts arc from within the depths of the shadowy orb, swirling around Valkri merely to rejoin with their parent on the other side.
Chelmoraes says, "Thank you."
Chelmoraes blushes a bright red color.
Gyfford nods.
Drexella gazes at Sebestyen.
Sebestyen asks, "My turn now?"
Gyfford says, "Yes."
Sebestyen says, "Your most Noble Grace, I will speak of the events at the ball first and then go on
from there bringing to light some facts mitigating this whole affair."
You hear a male voice yell from the somewhere nearby, "Not the spouse."
Gyfford ponders.
Sebestyen says, "We were informed of Lady Shantelles acceptance of the invitation and had arranged with Gwendollyn the escort and protection of her noble personage. The Heir arriving was a surprise to us all, and quite honestly we failed to plan for such a contingency."
Sebestyen says, "Regardless, it was I that failed that day.. to protect The Heir. When the thug arrived, I did not at first recognize him or his voice. The Heir called him a halfwit and in a flash the fork was thrown slaying him."
Sebestyen says, "Drexella attempted more than once to remove him as she did Sameol, but failed to get a good hold on him.. I was slow to react... many fell in the fight."
Sebestyen says, "Had I been more aware of things.. I would have.. SHOULD have been protecting him..
lay the blame on me Your Grace, I humbly submit to your judgement on that matter."
Drexella frowns slightly.
Sebestyen says, "Once I returned from my death, thanks be to favor of the Gods, I had my shield on him, and loaned him use of my spear and he was able to dispatch the cretin with alacrity and skill."
Gyfford nods.
Sebestyen says, "It was combat.. things happend quickly... but Drexella did fight him.. tried.. but
she lacked the skill."

Sebestyen says, "There was no collusion in the attack.. in fact, it seemed more a common Crossings murder over a slight insult... nothing planned out at all."

Sebestyen says, "Now I would like to step back in time a bit before the murder. The Raiders had returned to Riverhaven, Drexella attempted to fight them off as best she could, but again, lacked the ability to do so. She was wracked with guilt and shame, and was quite alone in her grief over it."

Sebestyen says, "It was at this time, she was put to the most awful torture of her mind.. breaking her down, making her desperate.. impairing her judgement."
Drexella shifts her weight.
Chelmoraes shudders.
Sebestyen says, "She was kidnapped.. and none came to her aid. She was alone.. and sought to survive as best she could. They offered to help teach her to kill them.. to stand up to them better.."

Sebestyen says, "It may not have been the best choice she has made in her life, but please understand, that she was bereft of help. Even I had no idea of these events, busy in my own travels
and affairs.. I am to blame in this as well.. I failed her as a husband."
Drexella frowns.
Sebestyen says, "She chose a path. The intent was to be a better warrior, to defend Therengia from these foes... she never sided with the Raiders... it was, indeed an odd type of rivalrous mentorship... I still struggle with it. But she did not conspire against her home."

Sebestyen says, "When I learned the fullness of her straying down this unwise path.. I thought to help if I could.. to find a better way.."

Sebestyen says, "Her judgment was poor..but.. she was a casualty of a different type of combat in her fight for Therengia, I would not leave her on that field, nor any Therengian in such a state."
Sebestyen says, "She may have strayed.. but.. she has not left. So please do try to understand what
she suffered at their hands when rendering your judgement, Your Grace."
Sebestyen kneels down before Gyfford.
Gyfford says, "Get up man."
Sebestyen says, "My Dread Lord Baron, please, do have mercy upon this, one of your most loyal servants for decades, and your father before you... she deserves another chance."
Sebestyen stands up.
Gyfford says, "I have heard you."
Sebestyen says, "Than you Your Grace."
Drexella gently kisses Sebestyen on the cheek.
Drexella shifts her weight.
Drexella asks, "Shall I speak now, Sire?"
Gyfford nods.
Drexella says, "Forgive me if I'm a little wordy. As this was the only defense I could prepare I may have overdone it."
Drexella gives a half-hearted grin.
Drexella says, "I am Drexella Giraud and I was born into a life of poverty and squalor. I came from
nothing and until I joined the Order of the Dragon Shield, I had no goals or hopes to be anything of worth. In spite of that, I have managed to educate myself and become the woman that stands here today."

Drexella says, "I have served this court for over thirty years. I have been Ambassador's Aide, Envoy, Ambassador twice, and Court Advisor. I have served two terms of Commander for ODS. I was the
first from ODS to bend knee in a personal oath of fealty to the throne."

Drexella says, "I am a veteran of the Crusade against the Dragon Priests, the Outcast War and the Campaign against Lyras. I have been elevated in status to that of nobility and became a vassal to the Baron when House Giraud was officially acknowledged. I have served both Baron Jeladric and Baron Gyfford personally. I was born in Therengia and have never known how to be anything else."

Drexella says, "I am hurt to the core by all of this. I had asked to meet with the Chamberlain and was led to believe he wished such a meeting as well. I would have been more than happy to answer any questions put to me, but I was held off and then apparently denied an opportunity to preserve any sense of decorum and dignity."

Drexella says, "The very fact that the Keep and most particularly my Baron could actually believe that I would betray him cuts me deeper than any wound I could possibly sustain. I would die for my province. I HAVE died for my province. This is my home, the only one I've ever known. Everything I've done has been for Therengia and now I face charges of things I couldn't possibly have done even if I were the type of person willing to."

Drexella says, "I have been charged with dereliction of duty. Perhaps I am guilty but not the way in which I am accused. I have been charged with collusion with the enemy. This word means to secretly plan something illegal. This I have not done, nor have I been asked to even consider such.
I have been charged with failure to report danger to the heir. I am only guilty of this in the sense that I am not able to read the minds of others. I wasn't any more aware of the coming danger than I was of the Heir's intention to attend the event where he was attacked."

Drexella says, "It was in the year 392 that the Idon Raiders first began to make raids on Riverhaven. ODS was charged with handling the incursions and for years we did well. Eventually I stepped down from command and it was around that time the Raiders stopped visiting. We enjoyed the time of peace and thought it was over. When I once again took command, the Raiders also returned."

Drexella says, "They had gained strength, where I had not. While I was spending time behind a desk,
attending meetings, running events, the Raiders had honed their skills. I was no longer able to fight them, and few in ODS could either. In that, we failed. I failed. I was not strong enough to stop Ogdaro when he killed the Heir so in that sense, yes I was derelict. In spite of what I've always been told, my skill level did matter and I did not keep up on it due to other obligations that at the time I thought were more important."

Drexella says, "I was seen wearing an Idon Raider ring. Yes, I was wearing it. In fact, I had put on an entire costume in that theme to test it out prior to wearing it to the next ball I had planned. I felt the irony would be appreciated by everyone that knew of the ongoing conflict, including the Raiders themselves. I had no idea that this act of pure whimsy would be twisted into some sort of evidence that I had turned into a traitor."

Drexella asks, "In 394, the Raiders threw themselves a huge party to celebrate Idon. Landros of Ilithi and I were both abducted to be sacrificed to their god. Idon himself performed the deed and after, the Raiders tried to recruit us. We both refused, in spite of overwhelming numbers and in the face of being personally assaulted by an immortal. We were sent away with a bag full of items in case we ever changed our minds. I kept it to remind me of what I had endured. Over a piece of costume jewelry, I am now charged with collusion?"

Drexella says, "Collusion implies that the Idon Raiders are capable of making and carrying out plans. This is not who they are. They are impulse personified. Anyone that has ever spent time fighting against them or around them would be aware of this. Ogdaro did not plan who he killed and did not even know that Lord Oleveir is our Heir. He came to the party on sheer impulse and the moment he spoke, the Lord insulted him. Ogdaro did what he does, he attacked. It's as simple as that. There was no grand scheme for myself or anyone else to be involved in, so this is not something I could have possibly done."

Drexella says, "Have I been learning to hone my skills with them? Yes I have. I have already and do
still admit this. Is it wrong? I didn't feel it was, not considering how weak I've been against them in combat. I have learned from this court to keep your enemies closer than your friends. I have learned from this keep that it's okay to not always offer the full truth. I have learned from the Throne that sometimes it's okay if others don't understand your motives or methods if your intentions are pure. I am a product of my experiences and my goal was to become strong and cunning enough to kill the Idon Raiders. And they knew this, and were more than willing to help me become such a warrior."

Drexella says, "Neither Ogdaro no Serchah have a desire to see me turn on my province or my Baron
and they know it's not in me to even consider it. It's not in their nature to use someone else and therefore share the credit with them. Their goal was simple, train a worthy opponent. In me they saw the potential of it and it's something I desperately wanted, so that I could be the defender and protector I needed to be. If I am guilty of anything, it is continuing to learn from them so that I can stand against them next time. If these acts make me treasonous then I must accept such judgement and leave Therengia."

Drexella says, "I love my province and my Baron and I would not act against either. The fact that I
can be publically arrested and charged without a single opportunity to speak with someone during the investigation tells me that perhaps I am just no longer wanted here. I have somehow lost my Baron's trust and that was the one thing I held the most dear. I bear a tattoo speaking my life oath to the throne. I did not enter into that oath lightly and it now weighs most heavily upon me, knowing that I am seen to be a traitor to someone that once called me his friend and loyal subject.
If you truly feel I am guilty of this, I ask only that you release me of said oath and let me leave
Therengia with some shred of dignity and respect left rather than exile and ban me from the province. That is all."

Drexella kneels down before Gyfford.
Chelmoraes pats Drexella on the back.
Gyfford says, "I am most curious..."
Drexella says, "I am now at your mercy, Sire."
Drexella gazes silently at Gyfford.
Gyfford says, "How you know the nature of the raiders and this Ogdaro so well and yet claim no friendship."
Sebestyen says, "I know the nature having fought them myself for years and of late."
Gyfford glances at Larohald.
Gyfford nods to Larohald.
Gyfford sighs.
Gyfford asks, "I gave you offices and duties and you use these gifts to you as an excuse why you did not train and thus had to finally train with the enemy?"
Drexella says, "I take the blame for that, my Baron."
The translucent image of an owl glistens briefly in the shadowy depths of the orb hovering near Valkri.
Gyfford says, "You stood there and took what I gave you and threw it back at me as the reasons you were unable to defend the province, this is troubling."
Gyfford stands up.
Gyfford gets a diamond-edged steel broadsword engraved with a tower and star along the blade from inside his sword belt.
Drexella bows her head.
Gyfford says, "I find you guilty of the charge of dereliction of duty."
Gyfford says, "There is no excuse for training with the enemy under any circumstances."
Drexella gazes down at the floor.
Gyfford says, "In particular after that enemy kills the heir to the throne you serve."
Chelmoraes frowns.
Gyfford says, "However I am not convinced of pre-knowledge of an attack by you."
Gyfford says, "This Ogdaro seems the lowest sort who acts without thought."
Gyfford says, "This then is my judgement."
Gyfford says, "I remove all titles and honors."
Gyfford says, "Your house is down graded and suspended."
Gyfford says, "I do not ban you from Therengia."
Drexella slowly empties her lungs.
Gyfford says, "I hope greatly that you will redeem yourself and detach yourself from Ogdao and his criminal group."
Craetos shakes his head.
Gyfford says, "If you are seen here training or interacting with them then I will have no choice but to act."
Gyfford says, "And I will take the next step."
Gyfford says, "This is my word and it is law."
Valkri curtsies to Gyfford.
Sebestyen kneels down before Gyfford.
Drexella softly says, "As you wish, my Baron."
Gyfford puts his broadsword in his sword belt.
Gyfford says, "And finally."
Sebestyen asks, "Your Grace.. if I may ask about the House?"
Craetos shakes his head.
Sebestyen says, "Oh..."
Craetos pats Drexella on the back.
Gyfford says, "The house is degraded and suspended."
Sebestyen asks, "So.. I am not released as Lord?"
Gyfford says, "I find you guilty of nothing sir."
Gyfford says, "But her house is suspended."
Chelmoraes quietly asks, "If I may, sire?"
Sebestyen says, "Thank you, I will take it up in it's degraded and suspended status if you will allow it Your Grace."
Chelmoraes blushes a bright red color.
Gyfford nods to Sebestyen.
Sebestyen stands up.
Craetos shakes Sebestyen's hand.
Gyfford says, "Finally about the ball it self."
Craetos says, "Glad to see some honor observed."
Battle Chanter Craetos lopes down.
Valkri blinks.
Gyfford says, "There was a faliure there."
Gyfford says, "By all brigades."
Gyfford says, "But perhaps it could not have been helped."
Gyfford says, "We will learn from that and do better."
Gyfford sits down on the bejeweled throne.
Chelmoraes raises her hand.
Gyfford says, "You must now choose a new commander and speaker of the order."
Gyfford nods to Chelmoraes.
Chelmoraes asks, "Yes Sire, she still a member or is it your word that she is removed from the order entirely?"
Gyfford says, "I must say no for the immediate future."
Sebestyen nods to Gyfford.
Chelmoraes asks, "I'm sorry sire, no she is not a member or no she is not removed?"
Gyfford says, "She may not be in a postion of trust."
Gyfford says, "So no she may not be a member."
Chelmoraes nods.
Gyfford says, "It is my hope she will be redeemed."
Shantelle nods.
Gyfford says, "Rise and you may go."
Chelmoraes asks, "And just so I understand, if you will, have we all been found guilty of dereliction of duty? All brigades, seeing as all failed in that regard?"
Chelmoraes blushes a bright red color.
Drexella stands up.
Chelmoraes joins Drexella's group.
Dragaus shifts his weight.
Gyfford asks, "Do you wish me to go further into what I think of your councils actions?"
Gyfford says, "I am giving you a pass on the fact you knew she was training with the enemy and did nothing."
Chelmoraes says, "Only if you wish, Sire."
Gyfford says, "Take that and do better."
Chelmoraes nods.
Sebestyen takes his rightful place beside Drexella.
With a graceful flutter of her hands, Chelmoraes sinks down in a formal curtsy.
Drexella sinks into a deep curtsy.
Gyfford nods.
Drexella says, "Thank you, Sire."
Sebestyen bows to Gyfford.
Drexella strides down, leading her group.
Gyfford stands up.
Gyfford says, "Advisor thank you for your assistance."
Valkri curtsies to Gyfford.
Valkri says, "I am in your service, sire."
Gyfford says, "You may go."
Larohald stands up.
Valkri says, "My Lords, my Baron, may the gods watch over you."
Valkri curtsies.
Court Advisor Valkri glides down.
Shantelle stands up.
Isleif puts his journal in his hip pouch.
Isleif closes his hip pouch.
Lord Chamberlain Isleif just went down.
Gar Rae Raenaden Larohald just went down.
Lady Shantelle just went down.
Baron Gyfford just went down.
Dragaus stops guarding.
Baronial Guardsman Dragaus strides down.

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