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Background and Information

Mission Statement

HAWT or better known as Heros Among Woken Tyranny is a DragonRealms player founded and ran group committed to its members and others through enhancing character RP development by forging lasting friendship and comradery.


Outside of the events depicted in the Zoluren_Civil_War_(book); Legend tells a tale of a small group of ordinary citizens from all professions who rose against the corrupt Alshaerd House in the year 279 AV to eventually overthrow it. Fearful for living another day with corruption, death and poverty a band average citizens trained and planned for years to take matters into their own hands and kill the vile Price Mysimos.

According to Official Zoluren History, Prince Mysimos ultimately lost his life in a bloody-violent battle during the second conflict of the Zoulren Civil War in 279 AV. Shortly after Mysimos’ death, in 280 AV, Belirdendrick Sorvendig II was crowned bringing the Sorvendig-Chelochi line to power and prominence. The reign continued down to his grandson, Vorclaf Sorvendig whom was responsible for the rebuilt and success of what the once Rivercrossing and today known as The Crossing.

Now, a group once secret has surfaced claiming responsibility for the death of Prince Mysimos in 280 AV and claims the Sorvendig family seized credit for the victory and in return granted secret asylum. The group’s true inner-structure is not yet widely known or understood due speculation that its current members are somehow related to the original men and women who fought for liberation.


a sterak axe blade emblazoned with the visage of a shield formed from twelve fragments.

Rumored Affiliates

Name Guild
Sekmeht Hawt-Seord Barbarian
Enwah Hawt-Seord Barbarian
Aaoskar Moonbender Moon Mage
Eldrich] Thief
Meantermel Seord-Hawt Barbarian
Aluriaz Trader
Legiro Gysse'Eil'KaVia Trader
Fayenangel Warrior Mage
Tramin Warrior Mage

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