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RE: Targeted Magic Messaging 2.0 and Ice Patch · on 1/23/2009 12:35:25 AM 6808
>>AFAIK, DR planes may overlap, but Electricity is its own plane, as is Aether, whole unto themselves.

DR planes definitely overlap, and it's never pretty.

The established examples aren't really the elements of the plane mixing in a literal sense ("Fire and water make steam.") but the laws and nature of the two planes being married in very irrational ways ("Fire and water make liquid fire.") Then again, most of those examples are Clerical and Moon Mage in nature, so the Elemental Planes might interact in their own interesting ways. Something to ask the Grovekeeper if you're ever at a polite dinner with him.


This message was originally posted in The Warrior Mages (35) \ Responses to GM/Official Announcements (2), by DR-ARMIFER on the forums.