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Glyphs are holy symbols traced by Paladins to invoke various extrinsic effects. They are powered by a Paladin's soul pool. Paladin guildleaders will send Paladins on quests when they are eligible. Charisma has an effect on glyph duration and power.


GLYPH is now used instead of TRACE.

GLYPH --  Tells you what glyphs you know.
GLYPH <type>  --  Performs the proper glyph on yourself, if possible.
GLYPH <type> [person|object]  --  Performs the proper glyph on the target.

Free Accounts Paladins are eligible for temporary visas allowing interprovincial travel for the quests of Warding, Light and Mana that require them to leave Zoluren.

Summary of Glyphs

Ability Type Prereqs Effect
Warding glyph ​5th circle -1 favor cost to all depart options (when departing without items, touch the glyph to instantly recover items); hinders assailant's ability to aim or target
Bonding glyph 10th circle return an item to a dead person's hand
Light glyph 15th circle +Perception skill, light source
Mana glyph 20th circle +Mana level
Ease glyph 25th circle Fatigue heal, makes corpse easier to drag
Auto-glyph glyph 30th circle, Glyph of Warding, Glyph of Bonding automatically invoke both Warding and Bonding glyph on death
Renewal glyph 50th circle recharges holy weapon

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