Glyph of Renewal

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Paladin thumb.jpgPaladin Guild
Requirements: 50th circle
Difficulty: None
Type / Skill: glyph / -
Description: The Paladin receives the Glyph of Renewal when he receives his Holy Weapon. Tracing the glyph at a recharging site or on a holy icon recharges the holy weapon. Recharging sites are located in all provinces except Therengia and Forfedhdar.
Effect: recharges holy weapon
Messaging: Paladin sees: You trace the Glyph of Renew upon your <holy weapon> causing it to glow intensely white.
Others see: <Paladin> traces a glyph upon his <holy weapon> causing it to glow.


  • Bestows a finite number of charges upon the holy weapon.
  • Granted automatically upon completion of holy weapon quest which is granted by Sir Darius of Hibarnhvidar.

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