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Khri Combinations


- Used to activate: Focus, Safe, Sight
- Additional Effects: Under the effect of security something about the Thief's unwavering concentration and extremely enhanced eyesight allows them to occasionally avoid a fatal error in trap handling.


- Used to activate: Avoidance, Plunder, Flight
- Additional Effects: While under the effects of this combo you may randomly catch, and throw back, a weapon thrown at you.


- Used to activate: Strike, Steady, Elusion
- Additional Effects: Boosts Light Thrown and Heavy Thrown weapon skills. While using this combo all weapon skills except Slings are boosted.


- Used to activate: Darken, Dampen, Shadowstep
- Additional Effects: Further improving the Thief's abilities, the Skulk combination also allows the Thief to sneak in any urban location as quickly as they would move unhidden. Sneaking in rural areas has been known to occasionally improve, but is not as reliable. Also prevents the Thief from being located.


- Used to Activate: Sensing, Serenity, Sagacity
- Additional Effects: Through ultimate awareness of their surroundings and a mind which blocks out disturbances, the Thief notices out of place things quicker, can instantly notice the presence of hidden or invisible intruders, and can even do so where they are Sensing. Lastly, the Thief who discovered this combination noticed that they seemed particularly adept at avoiding those pesky guards that day.


- Used to Activate: Hasten, Guile, Liberation
- Additional Effects: Boosts Charisma and Tactics skill.

Summary of Combination Khri Information

Ability Type Skill Tier Slots Cost Tree Prereqs Effect

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