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Empathic Sensitivity vs. Necromantic Corruption: Fight! · on 11/22/2012 12:28 AM CST 14
As has been stated from the beginning ( Empaths are not supposed to be able to heal, shift, link (etc.) Necromancers who have high Divine Outrage. In the past, the Rite of Contrition spell allowed folks to bypass this limitation, but as was said when the spell was released, this loophole was unintended and we have always meant to close it.

With the release of DragonRealms 3.0, the loophole is closed. Empaths will no longer be able to heal, shift, link (etc) a Necromancer with high Divine Outrage. We did try to implement this in a way that would not "out" Necromancers and not render the RoC spell useless for the purposes of deceiving Empaths, however.

There is a new AVOID that has been added in X3, AVOID TOUCH. Anyone can use this avoid -- it does what it says on the tin. So now there is a way to avoid being healed without also having to set your demeanor to Ice Queen.

How healing and Empathy interacts with RoC and DO is a little more complicated. Here's more or less how it will work...

1) Bob is a Necromancer with detectable Divine Outrage
2) Bob casts a Rite of Contrition sufficient to hide that divine outrage.
3) Empath touches Bob, senses nothing bad.
4) Empath tries to heal Bob...

Then either...

5) Bob has detectable (if it weren't for RoC) but not World Ending levels of divine outrage. The Empath gets a scary message and won't be able to heal/shift/link Bob.


5) Bob has divine outrage that makes Moon Mages black out just by perceiving him and has even Glythtide about ready to bury him alive under a pile of tarts (that is, close to the God smiting level). Empath will get a very small amount of Empathic shock and be knocked unconscious for a brief time. This does not leave a shock scar, which is in line with the new Empathic sensitivity lore. I can elaborate if anyone wants.

Please let me know if you have questions about this. These restrictions also hold vs. autoempaths, except for autoempaths who are not Empaths (that's to say, Dokt.) I appreciate any testing people are able to do on these systems as obviously testing things that require two or more people is harder to do in a closed test instance.

This message was originally posted in DragonRealms 3.0 \ Empaths, by DR-MELETE on the forums.