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Aevanstone at a Glance
Material Type Stone
Colors Clear, Red, Gold, Grey, White, Blue, Silver, Purple
Symbolism Xibar, Katamba, Yavash, Blood, Fire, Shadow
Rarity Rare
Cultural Relevance
Required for Alterations Yes

When RUBbed, a clear aevanstone permanently changes color. The hue is determined by the guild of the first person to rub the item, and FOCUSing on a rubbed (not clear) aevanstone reveals a vision of that guild.

Commoners are unable to use the aevanstone. When they rub the item, it will remain clear. Likewise, they are not able to receive any visions from the item at all.

Aevanstones have about 20 charges (required to see visions). They currently cannot be recharged, but at one point took about 105 mana to recharge.


Guild Known Hues
Barbarian badly cracked
Bard wine red, bardic blue, or green
Cleric shimmering gold or dark grey
Commoner clear
Empath blood-red or pure white
Moon Mage Xibar-blue, Katamba-black, or Yavash-red
Necromancer sickly rainbow-hued
Paladin glimmering, silver, or dark
Ranger forest green, deep brown
Thief dark purple or shadowy black
Trader platinum-hued
Warrior Mage light ethereal, pale blue, or fiery red


Guild Vision1 Vision2 Vision3
Barbarian ... of a myriad of hairline cracks. Or maybe that's just what it looks like now. ... of ...not very much at all. It seems that the stone is very badly damaged. ... of a fierce barbarian wielding a spear against a charging wyvern. Or at least that's what you imagine it would look like, since the cracks have ruined the aevanstone to the point of uselessness.
Bard ... of Peri'el singing softly to the World Dragon. ... of a stream of stylized notes on a sheet of paper, accompanied by a heart-rending melody that matches the sheet music. ... of a bustling tavern with flowing kegs of ale, the crowd entertained by and cheering a bard playing a lute.
Cleric ... of a single delicate flower growing in a shattered land, bravely struggling to survive. ... of a lone cleric kneeling in prayer before an altar, a string of beads wrapped around both hands. ... of a shining altar, recently cleansed and set with a glass of deep red wine.
Commoner none none none
Empath ... of a smoke-filled battlefield, with a healer desperately struggling to save the life of a wounded soldier. ... of a pure white unicorn, its horn lowered to gently touch the wounds on the arm of an injured child. ... an empath dressed in white, seated in the center of a field of healing herbs.
Moon Mage ... of a distant, half-glimpsed future full of both promise and peril. ... of all three moons in perfect conjunction, the trio of them completely eclipsing the sun. This image gives a sense of both dread and jubilation. ... of the astral plane, stretching out in great length to the far beyond.
Necromancer ... of a hauntingly beautiful creature, opening one of its many mouths to share its forbidden secrets with you. It whispers, but maddingly, the knowledge leaves your mind as soon as it came. ... of a small scrap of a book, holding a few precious letters of the key to unlocking another step in the Great Work. ... of the underside of the world laid bare, which serves as a makeshift roof to a bunch of children playing with stringed puppets.
Paladin ... a brooding warrior dressed in dark armor with sword in hand, carefully reading the names on a wanted board. ... a silver-armored knight rallying the troops with an unfurled banner, the flag battered from combat but still brightly colored. ... a pure white tower standing tall in the distance, its entrance guarded by a shining shield.
Ranger ... of a spirit of the forest, flittering its way playfully through an untouched glade hidden away by time. ... of a lone Elf perched in a tall sana'ati tree, drawing back a bow and aiming at an enemy on the ground far below. ...of a hunter crouching near a fallen deer, preparing it for skinning. The animal has an arrow lodged cleanly into its neck.
Thief ... a cloaked figure holding a dagger in one hand, darting amongst city streets and hiding from the guards. ... of a hooded figure fiddling with a strongbox, carefully disarming a trap and setting its components aside, then fiddling with a lockpick. ... of a knife slitting the bottom of a pouch filled with sparkling gems, the bounty slowly falling from the slashed purse into a waiting hand.
Trader ... of a caravan traveling slowly along the trade route, stopping every now and then to feed the animals and fend off thieves. ... of a well-dressed trader tending to a bustling shop, arranging wares and making deals. ... of an appraiser holding a large diamond in one hand, inspecting it closely for flaws.
Warrior Mage ... of a fir familiar standing alongside its summoner, each looking at the other with trust and companionship. ... of a raging volcano spewing lava and flames over a seared land, the raging flames quickly spreading and consuming everything. ... of a vast ice flow, slowly spreading out over the ocean and covering the sea in a myriad of crystal frost.

Alteration Rules

This material is required for alterations.

Raw Material Sources


ItemSource isRarity is
Animite earring shaped like a serpent coiled around an aevanstoneVisions in Crystal
Braided silver tailband clasping an aevanstone between the strandsVisions in Crystal
Carved onyx armband adorned with a clear aevanstoneVisions in Crystal
Delicate silver pendant holding a clear aevanstone in a heart-shaped settingVisions in Crystal
Elegant silver hip-chain decorated with a clear aevanstone roseVisions in Crystal
Item:Animite earring shaped like a serpent coiled around an aevanstone
Item:Braided silver tailband clasping an aevanstone between the strands
Item:Carved onyx armband adorned with a clear aevanstoneVisions in Crystal
Item:Delicate platinum bracelet dangling a clear aevanstone charmVisions in Crystal
Item:Delicate platinum ring set with a clear aevanstone surrounded by seed pearlsVisions in Crystal
... further results

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