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Zaulfung, the "Devil Swamp" in Gamgweth, is vast region to the east of Riverhaven thought to be a creation of The Waste. It was home to the graceful palace of Empress Merthamone prior to 400 BV. Today it's a swamp tainted by a malign land-devouring spirit held at bay by magic, haunted by the dead, and infested with dangerous beasts.

The demon gained foothold in our plane due to a weakening of interplanar barriers, subsequently laying waste to the land as it created a permanent home for itself. The corruption was confined by the Zaulfung Stones which reinforce the interplanar barrier, preventing further ruptures. The creature was known as the "Nameless Evil of Zaulfung" for decades until its power rose once again and it revealed itself as the demigoddess Maelshyve.

Amidst the prevalent death and decay, the chimera-shaped temple Kweld Gelvdael stands as a sacred guardian against the horrors lurking far beneath the marsh.

Giant Skeletal Claw

Giant Skeletal Claws are a feature of the Zaulfung that periodically raise up from the bottom of the swamp and may attempt to grab hapless adventurers. If a claw does not catch someone, it will remain on the surface, allowing people to climb into the palm and search the pile of muddy sludge for treasure. Protection from Evil will prevent the claw from grabbing a character as it rises from the swamp.

Once someone climbs onto the giant skeletal claw, the fingers of the claw will slowly draw towards the palm and will eventually crush whomever is searching through the sludge pile.

State of the Fingers

  • The bony fingers are currently stretched out parallel to the face of the palm, leaving you free to maneuver over its surface.
  • The bony fingers are creeping slowly inward, but are still far from closing around you.
  • The bony fingers are creeping slowly inward, and are close to trapping you inside.
  • You still have enough room to move around comfortably, but realize that could soon change. (At this point destroying the claw is the only way out.)
  • Escape is impossible at this point, and you realize that it is only a matter of moments before you are crushed.

Claw Destruction

Casting Uncurse on a claw from the outside will cause it to explode, showering the room with various bits of bone. This does not cause any damage to characters or creatures inside or outside of the claw.


More information needed on how to get these items.

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