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Totendanz Macabre
Race S'Kra Mur
Gender Female
Guild Necromancer
Instance Platinum
Relatives Shvartzgonif, Shayddow, Kydosha, Shoshannah, [[Negev <spouse>]]

Deity of Choice: Peri'el, or the World Dragon, worships both, but not favored by any.
Home: painted wooden shack around Gazit Lair, Grotto.
Citizenship: Velaka <Muspar'i>.


You were born on the 35th day of the 4th month of Shorka the Cobra in the year of the Amber Phoenix, 360 years after the victory of Lanival the Redeemer. You have a flexible ridged crest which follows the shape of your skull and slitted dark eyes, camouflage scales with a pale silver underbelly, a kinked tail and a lean figure.
You are in your prime. Your right hip has a tattoo of a childish S'Kra Mur dancing amid a field of zombies.

You are wearing a hooded silverweave cowl lined with softened nightmare black leather, a jadeite gwethdesuan, a kyanite gwethdesuan, a copper cobra-shaped amulet, a drab greyish-tan kerchief, an enveloping pall of ragged black grogram, a polished steel badge painted with "If zombies eat brains, you're completely safe!", a carved bone charm with a simple ebony backing, a clockwork spider, a lumpy bundle, a severely curved matte black longbow carved with an intricate scale pattern, a sturdy grey backpack with dark brown embroidery, a challis cassock brocaded with purplish black flames, a deep purple damask robe stitched with a repeating pattern of open eyes, some nightmare black leathers, an acid-etched iron knife with a leather-wrapped hilt, a wide cambrinth armband, some basilisk fang elbow blades, a shalswar-hide buckler, a blood-red sacrificial knife, an antiqued silver wristcuff inlaid with a cambrinth skull, some shalswar claw handwraps, some variegated chain gloves, a corroded bronze ring engraved with the adder of Asketi, an albredine crystal ring, a black leather weapons belt crowded with scrimshaw scenes of the desert, a dusty grey belt purse with black leather straps, a medicine pouch made from the skull and hide of a cougar, an origami-paper envelope, a lockpick ring, an intricate gold-inlaid tailband set with a sinuous cambrinth dragon, a rough bronze tailband set with several rows of curved spikes, some tailored pants wiped with bloody smears, a thigh quiver dyed in a brown and green camouflage pattern, some kra'hei fang knee spikes, a cambrinth ankle cuff inlaid with garnet snakes to spell PERI'EL, a dark iron anklet, some germish'din hide footwraps, some practical work boots, and a calcified femur.


A combination of the pursuit of knowledge, an unhealthy <for her> degree of curiosity about the forbidden arts of necromancy, and the desire to protect her people , specifically the S'Kra Mur of Muspar'i, from those arts led Totendanz to where she is today. Living on the edge of the knife, not daring to venture upon the path of the perverse, while unaware of any means of salvation from the path she has trod so far.

When she was but a child she came upon a book of magic and rituals that had belonged to her grandmother,Sh'Barzlahh, which had slipped between the floorboards in the kitchen and was thought to be lost. She did not venture to ask her mother, Shhayna, a guilded barbarian, who despised all forms of magic. Somehow, even then, she had the feeling that she had to keep what she had learned secret, but it started her search for the truth. At first she only was able to ask questions of the priests of the local Temples - both that of Hav'roth and the Dragon Priests, but felt that there was something more that she was missing. That was kept hidden from her. And that was forbidden.And would answer the questions of life - and more importantly - why her grandmother had been burned.

An event which brought these questions to a head was her short marriage - which produced two children who were later taken in by an undisclosed relative when she left Muspar'i - and she does not know where they are for their own protection. Her spouse, a non-guilded teen like herself - had fallen ill and walked the starry road after visiting relatives to the west of the city. She later found out that it had been a disease carried by undead who had accompanied Lyras.

She wanted to find out more about this magic which had destroyed her beloved, in order to defeat Lyras and her minions by using her own magic against her -- but in order to be allowed to study, she had to first convince her grandfather Shvartzgonif, and the governing council of the second house, that she wanted to study magic to become a Warrior Mage.Her grandfather was fairly easy to convince, as he had recently started his studies himself, and was full of the enthusiasm of a novice. After her grandfather, the council was eventually persuaded, as they needed all the help they could get to keep Lyras distracted far away from their gates.

Eventually, she found what she was looking for after a visiting scholar named Zamidren Book came to town to meet at one of the local taverns. Although repelled by his distain for the deities, and temporarily misled by something she only calls "strange tapestries", she was inducted into the craft practiced by the Philosophers of the Knife.

Her goal of distracting and defeating Lyras was met when she, Divult, and one she only refers to as the "Blueberry" Philsopher were able to summon Maelshyve through a ritual which killed all three of them during its performance but had the desired effect.

After Lyras was gone, she had to figure out what to do with her life. She continues to practice the rituals of the Philosophy, but has had many tribulations and trials along the way, among which the most important was the loss of her tail. She has heard rumors of an old man but has never met him.

She fears the Red Spiral, but hasn't figured out a way to prevent it from eventually taking her soul.

She met a moon mage Nomad named Negev who gave her insight into her early history, who courted her and eventually the two were wed in a rather nefarious rite conducted at Maelshyve's altar, but her marriage has convinced her that there is still some love left in the world.

Timeline of the Family

302-Shvartzgonif<grandpa> is born
319-Shvartzgonif and Shbarzlahh, a former Dragon Priestess, are wed
320-Daughter 1:Xyalepha, born
321-daughter 2:Yabeta, born
322-daughter 3:Zagimela, born
323-daughter 4: Shhayna <mother>
338-Shhayna marries Bahhgs <father>
339-Shayddow is born
343-Shoshannah is born
345-Kydosha is born
354-Gorbesh war
360-Siolarn, later discovered to be a Necromancer, appoints himself regent of Zoluren. The Ru'at support Siolarn while the Thieves guild supports Vorclaf.
360-Totendanz is born
377-Totendanz is married to Mezuzal Macabre
378-Totendanz gives birth to twins
393- Lyras breaches the great barrier
394 -Mezuzal is slain by an unknown necrotic disease to the west of the Muspar'i, walks the starry road
395- Totendanz leaves Muspar'i with Grandpa, leaving her children with relatives of her deceased spouse on Ratha

396- at age 36, Totendanz joins the Philosophers of the Knife.
-circle 23 <12/29/2009> Totendanz becomes forsaken
-circle 49 <4/2010>- Totendanz surrenders herself to the Inquisition, is released, and then is partially smozhed by Shayddow on behest of the Ru'at

397 -circle 51 <5/12/2010> Lyras is defeated
403 - 299 days AV, Totendanz achieves 100th circle as a Philosopher
409- Marries Negev in the 1st month of Akroeg the Ram.

<ooc note: timeline involving Lyras events cites date this occured in plat, which may differ from prime timeline. Also was unsure of the Elanthian date where civil dates are cited>


A painted wooden shack around Gazit Lair, Grotto. It is a freestanding home, with a window located in a lowerclass rural area. Any race or profession can live in this home. The home contains:
Floor: a speckled grey glazed-marble floor.
Attached: a woven red spidersilk carpet.
Home's Pet: a skinless zombie dog.
Chair: a claw-footed black sanrisi throne.
Fire: a skull and bone fire pit.
Window: a tiny mud-spattered window.
Weapon Rack: a chicken-toed deobar weapon rack.
Attached: a severely curved steel scythe with a twisted ironwood haft.
Attached: a steel butcher's knife.
Armor Stand: a polished dark pine armor stand.
Attached: some blackened bone armor.
Attached: some half plate.
Attached: some chain mail painted to resemble rotting flesh.
Wall: a polished blackwood wall.
Attached: a three-dimensional anatomy chart.
Door: a door.
General Storage: an elegantly-carved ash closet.
Attached: a coarse brown robe tied with a knotted amber cord.
Attached: a hooded monastic cassock cinctured with a twine of wormwood vine.
Attached: a heart-shaped cookie.
Attached: an orc skeleton.
Attached: a Maelshyvean iconoclast's robe of purple-speckled deep blue velvet.
Misc Furniture #1: a large granite slab.
Attached: a scuffed dragon statuette.
Misc Furniture #2: a lacquered dragonclaw-foot table.
Attached: a stack of scholar's handbooks.
Attached: a lumpy Lyras doll.
Home Scent:Powdered Lime.