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Negev Uhrsohhersk
Race S'Kra Mur
Gender Male
Guild Moon Mage
Instance Platinum
Relatives Totendanz (Plat)


Member of the Nomads of the Arid Steppe.

Negev is a citizen of Zoluren, and maintains a home near Leth Deriel.
He has favors with Phelim.

You are Philosopher Negev Uhrsohhersk, Nomad of Zoluren, a S'Kra Mur.
You have an elongated face with a flexible ridged crest which follows the shape of your skull with elegant arched eyebrows, slitted crinkled milky blue eyes and a squared snout, speckled scales with a pale silver underbelly, a thick tail and a burly build.
You are tall for a S'Kra Mur. Some ghastly jawless skulls float lazily around your neck, glowing with a lustrous sheen against your scales. You are middle-aged.
You are wearing a Musparan blue mask, a jadeite gwethdesuan, a kyanite gwethdesuan, a black gold monocle with silver filigree, an aquamarine-hued crystal medallion flecked with bits of Katamba's spire, a rusted iron skull suspended from a battered leather cord, a green hooded cloak sewn to resemble a dragon, a clockwork spider, a simple ivory carving inscribed with flowing copper runes, a rusty steel pin stamped with "Forsaken Savior", a silver brooch encrusted with opals in the pattern of a short bow, some ghastly jawless skulls, a polished bronze scavenger's badge, a lumpy bundle, a nomad's backpack painted with a detailed image, some leather ankle boots, a red velvet gamantang, a scale shirt crafted from a multitude of overlapping ironwood plates, a twisted cambrinth armband, some enameled elbow spikes, a shalswar-hide buckler, a rough burlap purse beaded with tribal designs, a blood-red sacrificial knife, some wickedly spiked knuckles, a pair of articulated ironwood gauntlets, an albredine crystal ring, a wire ring, a padded black belt pack embroidered with a horned skull, a tooled leather craftsman's belt with a gold arrowhead buckle, a stone grey hide telescope case trimmed in pure white fur, an herb pouch, a serrated belt knife, a shalswar bladder waterskin, a bone tailband with a pair of crescent moons carved into its surface, a slender cambrinth tailband carved with a myriad of silver-inset stars, a pair of articulated ironwood greaves, a thigh quiver dyed in a brown and green camouflage pattern, some embellished knee spikes, a cambrinth ankle cuff inlaid with bloodstone nightingales to spell PHELIM, some steel-toed footwraps with silver buckles, and an iron-banded parry stick with brown leather straps.


Negev came from a family of S'Kra Mur Bards who immigrated to Leth Deriel shortly before the time of the Dragon Priests. Most of his family are still either Bards or Moon Mages. Those of the Moon Mages who survive are rumored to belong to the Bonedancers, but Negev will only acknowledge that he is a Nomad. Few of his family survive, however.

Besides music, he also has a fascination for research into rare magical artifacts, particularly those of Dragon Priest or Imperial origin. During one such excursion, in his research of items in the museum of Throne City, he encountered Shayddow, who was the eldest sister of the family of 4 sisters that his family had prearranged to be bonded with when he was very young.

Years ago his grandfather had originally visited Muspar'i to arrange a marriage with the Savakiian family, but had been turned down at that time because the Uhrsohhersk family are flat-featured, as are many S'kra from the islands. However, the Savakiians later accepted a Rathan trader from the house of Dne into the family, and prejudices have faded over the years.

He thus was introduced to the rest of the family, and after meeting the other sisters, eventually proposed marriage to Totendanz. She gave him an enigmatic reply, only saying that she would accept when Hav'roth would bless such a union.

He continued to press the issue, as their families had pre-arranged their union <as many old traditional S'Kra families - particularly those of dragonpriest lineage often do>. They were finally wed - first time for him, 2nd time for her -she had been widowed at an early age>. Theirs was not the traditional ceremony in some aspects however, not being able to be blessed by the official Temple priests in either his town or hers.

But, it was fated to be, and 409 years, 15 days since the Victory of Lanival the Redeemer, the two were wed in a realm of decay and death - witnessed only by the altar of the Demoness of the Zaulfang swamp and its attendents, the Hierophants of Maelshayve - and the rose binding them melted into a gore-red sludge until nothing was left but the invisible bond it symbolized. Oddly enough,the world just looked a little less real for a second to the both of them. It must be a hallucination. Or perhaps a foretaste.. a vision of something as yet unknown. But perhaps love will lead to redemption? Or to condemnation. Only the stars know for sure.


You recall that you have a deobar tree with a fake dead body hanging by a rope from one of its branches around Southern Trade Route, Bosque Deriel. It is a tree, with a window located in an upperclass rural area. Any race or profession can live in this home.

The home contains:
Floor: a polished pine floor.
Attached: a deep forest green rug embroidered thickly with geometrically stylized pine branches.
Home's Pet: a white-crested blue parakeet.
Window: an oval oak window.
Weapon Rack: a curved mahogany rack with highly polished bronze trim.
Attached: a two-handed sword.
General Storage: a square wicker basket shaped like a haunted house.
Attached: a cracked observatory rising over a base of tiny rambling buildings.
Attached: a rugged Cherulisa doll clad in a set of miniature supple leathers.
Door: a door.
Misc Furniture #1: A square table made from angiswaerd rib bones.
Attached: an Adan'f bone dancer hand-puppet.
Attached: a robed candy Moon Mage.
Fire: a tiny soot-covered brazier.
Misc Furniture #2 (usually bed slot): a simple bed with a headboard made from bones.
Armor Stand: a curved mahogany stand with highly polished bronze trim.
Attached: some crimson bone armor trimmed in black.
Attached: a padded Musparan silk robe.
Wall: a black-veined green marble wall.
Attached: a delicately carved fresco of the god Phelim.
Chair: a pile of leaf green silk cushions.
Scent: Sandalwood