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Description: A property for listing spell abbreviations.
Type: string

There are currently 379 items in this property, 43 of which are incomplete, and 0 of which are outdated.

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Banner of Truce +bot  +
Bear Strength +BES  +
Beckon the Naga +BTN  +
Benediction +none  +
Bespoke Regalia +none  +
Bitter Feast +bf  +
Blend +none  +
Bless +none  +
Blessing of the Fae +BOTF  +
Blood Burst +blb  +
Blood Staunching +bs  +
Blufmor Garaen +bg  +
Blur +Blur  +
Bond Armaments +ba  +
Braun's Conjecture +BC  +
Breath of Storms +bos  +
Burden (spell) +none  +
Burn +none  +
Burning Touch +c b t  +
Butcher's Eye +bue  +


Cage of Light +col  +
Calcified Hide +ch  +
Call from Beyond +cfb  +
Calm +none  +
Caress of the Sun +care  +
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