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{{ShopItem|t=i|spherical sweetheart's token box of richly contrasting iroko marquetry |note=Contains:  a {{sloot|i|string sweetheart's token band of treasureweave with a solitary sungold bead}} and an {{sloot|i|iroko key}}.  |26,699,200 }}
{{ShopItem|t=i|spherical sweetheart's token box of richly contrasting iroko marquetry |note=Contains:  a {{sloot|i|string sweetheart's token band of treasureweave with a solitary sungold bead}} and an {{sloot|i|iroko key}}.  |26,699,200 }}
{{ShopItem|t=i|mesmerizing silver jaalmin bodysuit with a quicksilver sheen | 1,353,000 }}
{{ShopItem|t=i|mesmerizing silver jaalmin bodysuit with a quicksilver sheen | 1,353,000 }}
{{ShopItem|t=i|pair of pale jaalmin arm wraps accented with shadow emeralds  | 1,037,300 }}

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Limited Treasures
Event Hollow Eve Festival 417
Owner Sammeli
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Container shops, Clothing shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Limited Treasures, Lounge]
Plush white carpet covers the floor from wall to wall, contrasting with the dark polished metal that creates them. A pair of overstuffed black chairs sit to either side of a long charcoal-hued couch covered in throw pillows. More pillows of various colors are scattered upon the floor giving customers a choice for seating. A silversteel door stands across the room from a curtained archway of the same metal.
Obvious exits: none.

[Limited Treasures, Sales Floor]
Polished to a gleam, dark metal covers the walls, ceiling, and floor save for a spot in the very center of the room where a silversteel stand sits upon a white velvet rug trimmed in silver. A steel candle-covered chandelier is suspended exactly above it, the lights glimmering across all the metal surfaces. You also see a curtained silversteel archway.
Obvious exits: none.

On a silversteel stand (LIMITED ITEMS)
Item Price Done
Items that are now sold out
Item Price Done
square azurelle sweetheart's token box with a raised mistglass lid 2,309,120   !!
fragile gown with eerie flora pressed betwixt darkly ethereal marquisette layers 4,690,400   !!
indigo dragonar thigh bag with a kertig clasp carved into a snarling coyote - Contains: a torque of curved bone shards supporting a gloamstone fragment and a heavy kertig and cambrinth armband in the shape of a coyote skull. 3,562,900   !!
plague doctor's bag of sanguine thornweave structured by a tamboti frame - Contains: a pair of split-toed charcoal thornweave boots covered by stark black feathers and a plague doctor's mask of sanguine-streaked black jaspe with a curved tamboti beak. 3,788,400   
enveloping gypsy cloak of patched treasureweave clasped with a porcelain cameo 7,216,000   
very fine wildflower-patterned shireli lace veil dyed with an ombre rainbow 1,082,400   
ethereal bodysuit covered in fluttery layers of heliotrope icesilk petals 4,690,400   
cleanly tailored ultramarine camlet jacket - Contains: a fitted ultramarine camlet trousers and a slate grey scalene shirt with pitch pearl cufflinks. 2,570,700   !!
round azurelle suitor's token box with a domed mistglass lid - Contains: a an azurelle key and a mistglass suitor's token ring inset with whirl-cut summer's heart sapphires. 3,833,500   !!
rustic chocolate brown greatcloak clasped with an audrualm boar - Contains: a rosecloth shirt and some suede hunting breeches 4,735,500   
off-shoulder hyacinth petalette dress with a wisteria rosecloth underbust corset 6,223,800   
smoky black dragonfire brocade claw-hammer coat with wide silk-faced lapels - Contains: a stark white lava samite shirt with a Gemfire ruby top button and some onyx-hide dress trousers trimmed with narrow parallel silk stripes. 4,374,700   !!
unusual mantle of stark black feathers with a train awash in sanguine hues - Contains: a bespoke dress shirt of sanguine thornweave tessellated with black crows and some sanguine-streaked charcoal jaspe leggings overlaid with stark black feathers. 3,878,600   !!
onyx-hide valise framed by parallel red gold bands studded with Gemfire rubies - Contains: a dapper onyx-hide top hat with a silk-edged dragonfire brocade band and a pair of pitch-black leather boots with dragonfire brocade side panels. 2,164,800   !!
rounded hen basket of pure white alerce splint-woven with aldamalm - Contains: an aldamalm-handled parasol made from turbaurs panels fringed with faesoul blossoms and a spiraled pair of pure white alerce and aldamalm wood hairsticks. 5,231,600   !!
golden brown westan wool vest layered over a tyrium-threaded lipka cotton shirt 1,001,220   !!
treasureweave lootsack bearing a colorful skull patch 4,510,000   !!
bountiful blueberry bourde bustle bordered by beautiful blue beryl beads 811,800   !!
octagonal glitvire sweetheart's token box with a latticework tyrium lid - Contains: a tyrium sweetheart's token band displaying a purple aeschelich and a scaled design and a glitvire and tyrium key. 4,825,700   !!
wide gloomwood choker divided by a spiked line of Katamba's spires 1,804,000   
opulent pale blue mistglass bustier flush-set with haze sapphires 1,443,200   
celeste-blue spun glitter cloak with an Elven snowlace overlay and sweeping train - Contains: a pale gown with a mistglass spun glitter bodice and layered snowflake tulle skirts and some celeste-blue spun glitter slippers with crescentic mistglass heels. 4,924,920   !!
particolored marquisette and jaspe tote trailing harlequin-patterned aerial silks - Contains: a particolored silveress and marquisette mask and a perfectly mismatched pair of black jaspe and silveress dancing slippers. 14,522,200   !!
helical tamboti cane crowned with a Hav'roth's ambrosia compass rose 1,587,520   
velvet-lined madun parure case patterned faintly with violets - Contains: a marbled dragonvein agate rich with hues shifting from purples to honey gold and a fine latticework choker of delicate sungold strands. 24,624,600   !!
ink-stained isabelline bourde book bag clasped by a silversteel quill - Contains: a silversteel-tipped purple martin feather quill with an inky blue luster and a nearly translucent choker of inky blue lace with a silvery sheen. 2,074,600   
lurid incarnadine shrike's bounty crown with pure white alerce fingerbone tines 3,968,800   !!
strapless bodice of alternating dark and pale jaspe panels edged by midnight onyx - Contains: a pair of silveress leggings overlaid with black marquisette and a spectacular pancake tutu of black tulle dyed with a hypnotic white spiral. 14,386,900   !!
lovely turbaurs kimono faintly tinged with the ethereal hues of faesoul blossoms 5,953,200   
polychromatic silveress leggings with niniam and rainbow sapphire hip chains 1,623,600   !!
isabelline bourde column gown with a layered bloodlace overskirt - Contains: a pair of silversteel-framed wings made from delicately inked parchment pages and an open-toed pair of bloodlace-over-bourde sandals with low silversteel heels. 21,287,200   !!
hexagonal glitvire suitor's token box with a latticework tyrium lid - Contains: a glitvire and tyrium key and a tyrium suitor's token ring with a violet aeschelich showcased by a scaled design. 4,825,700   
high-hitched pair of treasureweave knickerbockers in mouth-watering berry shades 6,314,000   !!
poofy rainbow sapphire icesilk ballgown with a flamboyantly swagged overskirt 1,749,880   !!
violet-patterned madun smoking jacket with a midnight purple velvet shawl collar - Contains: a darkly iridescent pair of madun-over-cire ankle boots and some impeccable black cire pants with extremely tapered legs. 2,525,600   
odd harlequin-patterned carpetbag of ebon shadesatin and white eolienne diamonds - Contains: a pair of black and white gloves set with a spiral of the opposite hue in each palm and some dark and pale harlequin diamond-hide boots with black suede heel and toe caps. 10,914,200   !!
elegant dragonfire amber icesilk blouse - Contains: an underbust corset of imbricated sungold scales and a swirling circle skirt of sunkissed chiffon layered over goldweave. 35,178,000   !!
dramatically full-skirted sanguine thornweave gown tessellated with black ravens 2,976,600   !!
midnight red zibeline longcoat with eerily glowing chain-wrapped sleeves 25,129,720   !!
black camlet and white cire striped circle cape with a stiff cartwheel ruff - Contains: a dark shadesatin doublet with a pale eolienne spiral radiating from the abdomen and a pair of black camlet pants horizontally striped with white cire of varying widths. 4,374,700   
bone-riddled khor'vela and darkened iroko snack basket with a mesh viewing panel 2,399,320   !!
snowflake tulle and celeste-blue spun glitter clutch with a mistglass closure - Contains: a crescentic fascinator bearing mistglass rolo chains with midwinter's sickle tips and an Elven snowlace choker dangling a mistglass-tipped midwinter's sickle. 2,128,720   !!
spherical sweetheart's token box of richly contrasting iroko marquetry - Contains: a string sweetheart's token band of treasureweave with a solitary sungold bead and an iroko key. 26,699,200   
mesmerizing silver jaalmin bodysuit with a quicksilver sheen 1,353,000   
pair of pale jaalmin arm wraps accented with shadow emeralds 1,037,300