Item:Pair of black camlet pants horizontally striped with white cire of varying widths

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pair of black camlet pants horizontally striped with white cire of varying widths
Look: Cleanly tailored for a nearly seamless appearance, the garment is constructed of heavy, waterproof silk and starkly contrasting lustrous white silk panels angled on the horizontal. The slim-fitting pants are designed to closely hug the wearer's legs, the resulting effect reminiscent of distorted vortices of stark darkness and iridescent light from waist to ankle.
Special Properties:
  • This item is a container or has pockets.
  • This item is worn in the pants slot.
Capacity: 3 length x 1 width x 1 height (10 stones)
Sources: Source is Limited Treasures (1)
  • STUDY: Thinking about the pants, you wonder if you might not be able to ADJUST, CLEAN, CLUTCH, FIDGET, KICK, PAT, REMOVE, SHAKE, STUDY, STRUT, WEAR, and YANK.
  • ADJUST: You reach down and adjust the fit of your camlet pants.
  • CLEAN: You flick a speck of dirt off your camlet pants.
  • CLUTCH: You pull the waistband of your camlet pants tightly about your waist.
  • FIDGET: You idly play with the waistband of your camlet pants.
  • KICK With a wild yell, you kick one leg high in the air.
  • PAT: You plant your hands on your hips and tap a foot in annoyance.
  • REMOVE: You carefully step out of your camlet pants.
  • SHAKE: You shake out one leg of your camlet pants.
  • STRUT: Striking a pose, you proudly show off your camlet pants.
  • WEAR: You slip one leg then the other into your camlet pants.
  • YANK: You yank on the waistband of your camlet pants, pulling them back up around your waist.