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Gwethsmashers no longer destroy gwethdesuans.
Gwethsmashers when used will disable the gwethdesuans of the target for 1 real life hour. It will also prevent you from using replacement gwethdesuans. You will able to listen (but not broadcast) to public or personal ESP channels during this time. You will be able to broadcast (and listen) to private channels assuming you have the password to them.

Moon Mages using Thoughtcast to access the gwethdesuan network will be unable to connect to the psychic network or recast Thoughtcast for one rl hour when gwethsmashed.

Gwethsmashers were once available in the form of obsidian spheres that were sold at certain GM auctions. Prior to a player-made version being released, there were only two such smashers in the game. Since then, a number of "permanent" gwethsmashers without charges have been sold at GM Auctions. Player-made versions come with up to 10 charges.

Gwethsmasher Policy

Gwethsmashers are intended to be a legitimate avenue for players to "self police" the gweth by temporarily halting another's ability to use gweths and gweth-like devices.

Some acceptable reasons for smashing another's gweths:
- OOC language
- Using 'emotes'
- Unsolicited direct messages
- Ongoing in-character and consent-based conflict between the smasher and the smashee
- Vulgarity or masked vulgarity
- Repetitive messages

Please note that in the above cases, a good faith effort should be made to notify the offender that they are doing something inappropriate. SENDing a private OOC nudge informing them that their behavior is problematic and should stop is a good place to start. We encourage players to treat gwethsmashing as a last resort.

Some unacceptable reasons for smashing another's gweths:
- You felt like it.
- They're in a conflict with your friend or spouse.
- They gwethed with an accent.
- You don't want them to obtain help via the gweth system.
- You don't like their name.

Gwethsmashing renders the user of the device (whether successful or not) PVP OPEN for a period of four real life hours and will be ruled a NO-GM situation with the exception of misuse or someone harassing the gweth smashee. Unless this is the case, assisting/reporting on it is only going to get you a NO-GM ruling.

If a single individual is harassing you with a gwethsmasher, then it is handled under our normal policy for harassment. If you feel this is the case, you should not respond further to the character that smashed you. ASSIST (not report) and ask a GM to review the situation. If multiple people are gwethsmashing you for unrelated reasons, it may be time to reassess the contents of your messages or the tone in which you send them.

Misuse of a gwethsmasher could result in losing the ability to smash gweths for a period of 30 days. Repeated misuse could result in losing the ability permanently.




The target must have gwethed something within the past 5 minutes, and their full name must be used in the command. If you are smashed, you will see messaging similar to the following:

Your mind suddenly receives a searing jolt! You hear a brief babble of <smasher>'s thoughts as the pain fades away.

Stat Contest

The contest is a pure status contest with Charisma weighing more heavily than mental stats.[1] Depending on environmental factors it is either perfectly fair, weighted in favor of the defender, or automatically gives the win to the defender. There is no situation where the aggressor of a gwethsmash is on the "right" side of the weighting.


If you try to smash someone that isn't wearing gweths, or they got smashed by someone faster than you then you will see a failure message similar to the following. Failure does NOT use up a charge.

> center sphere on <target>

You center your sphere on <target>'s thoughts.
You are unable to find a link to <target>'s mind in the tangled telepathic network.  Left without a valid target, your gwethsmasher discharges its dreadful jolt down the path of least resistance.
Your crystal ring shatters!
Your jadeite gwethdesuan shatters!
Your kyanite gwethdesuan shatters!


  • Individual gwethsmashers can only be used once every 24 hours. One person can use any gwethsmasher only once every hour.
  • Loss of THUMP through receiving an official warning will also cause you to lose the ability to use gwethsmashers.
  • Attempting to gwethsmash someone who has not gwethed in the last 5 minutes may cause a rebound.
  • A bug with the home and ship system prevents targets in homes or on some ships from being gwethsmashed under some circumstances.


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