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manual edits for broken pages

to manually edit the page to fix these it means you need to type in the correct URL to directly take you to the edit form page for said item. So to say fix the "Darkened leather siege shield" you would take the form edit URL "" and the full item name/title "Shield:Darkened_leather_siege_shield" and put that where the XXX is in the form edit URL, as such... ""

Imagemap edits

keg room locations page

Need a page to collect the various keg rooms scattered across the world that allow you to fill containers for togo bevs.

depart locations

list of depart locations still needs documenting

Map106_Hara'jaal.xml 170
Map107_Mer'Kresh.xml 303
Map108_M'Riss.xml 168
Map112_Ilaya_Taipa.xml 188
Map13_Dirge.xml 119
Map150_Fang_Cove.xml 123
Map2a_Temple.xml 44
Map31b_Maelshyve's_Fortress.xml 77
Map34a_Rossman's_Landing.xml 36
Map40_Langenfirth_to_Therenborough.xml 308
Map41_Marauders.xml 205
Map42_Therenborough_and_Keep.xml 202
Map47_Muspar'i.xml 184
Map66_STR3.xml 320
Map67_Shard.xml 426
Map69_Shard_West_Gate.xml 361
Map7_NTR.xml 166
Map99_Aesry_Surlaenis'a.xml 65

Inner Hib hospital depart 387 Ratha is Temple of Hodierna

rub command

need 1st and 3rd person pov of rub command documented

Select all button

for pages where the select button shows up without a script box changing
<pre class="no-select">

...will get rid of the link

to add the select all button link
<pre class="select">

Writing syntax/how to page

Need a Writing page to explain writing syntax, tools and links to various methods where systems require different tools and syntax

Aesry wilderness rooms

check if these rooms on aesry are all max wilderness and add their room descriptions to the beseech the dark to sing quest walkthrough page as places to max out bonus:
[Ranger Guild, Cave Mouth]
From a light source nearby, long shadows dance across the sandy floor. Along the eastern wall, something catches the reflection of a flame. The crisp and pleasant night air of the cave carries with it a scent of a warm meal not too far off. You also see a wide crevice.
Obvious exits: north.

[Ranger Guild, Tunnel]
Halfway through the torch-lined tunnel, the ceiling begins to bloat downward, forcing all but the smallest of races to stoop over. Above a small, unattended fire pit, the contents of an iron pot slowly simmer. Gradually the smell of onions, garlic, and some sort of fowl become recognizable, masking the otherwise dank, musty smell of the cave. You also see a trash can and some onionskins.

[Ranger Guild, Main Area]
The low tunnel opens into a magnificent cathedral of stalagmites and stalactites veiled in a thin mist of moisture. Amplified by the acoustics of the cavern, water droplets and their echoes perform a natural symphony. To the north, a natural formation of rocks bridges the chasm. You also see a flat-topped boulder with a guild register on it, a mountain lion and the Ranger Guildleader Marion.
Obvious exits: southwest.

[Ranger Guild, Northern Cavern]
Mushrooms and colorful lichen anchor their roots throughout the crystal formations within the walls, which magnify the natural light in this area. Small boulders allow the visitors to sit quietly and enjoy the beauty of the caves, while a natural spring offers the perfect solution to soothe aching bodies. You also see a rocky bridge.
Obvious exits: none.

[Aesry Surlaenis'a, Hemlock Forest]
In the shadow of the steep cliff rising to the north, the hemlocks grow close together, their branches entwined and woven in a matted mass of snarls. The sky is barely visible overhead and only a wan light penetrates to the needle-covered forest floor. The distant sound of tumbling rocks ricochets dully off the cliff face high overhead where something climbs, or falls.
Obvious paths: north, southwest.

guild removal mechanics/syntax

guild removal mechanics and syntax page. currently, empath guild, Ranger guild, Trader guild...necromancer guild? cleric guild mention shop blacklist for player owned shops

starlight aura

Starlight Aura page needs a list of all spells that require starlight aura as well as spells that can use starlight aura to circumvent environmental restrictions.

Misenseor Abbey puzzle

add room descriptions and details to this page

bard and cleric shops Crossing

add syntax for bard and cleric shops

glaes spatula event log

upload log of the event:'%20Elanthia/Festivals%20%60%20Merchants/view/3914

april 2016 updates need adding

rest of 2016 needs release posts uploaded, and part of 2017 as well


Saw you tagging things as mounts (thank you!), and to make things easier I created a new special item property you can now use to flag items to make things a bit easier "mounts"! --TEVESHSZAT (talk) 21:08, 22 September 2020 (CDT)

Magical Tattoos

Same thing as flying mounts, but for magical tattoos! --TEVESHSZAT (talk) 17:47, 25 September 2020 (CDT)

Syntax for Crossing shops

need to finish up noobifying the syntax for crossing crafting society shops, bard/music shop, probably others. double check for shops that require typing out entire item name rather than abbreviations and specify that.

semantic example

Food Summoner category page

lists all food and drink summoning/generating items