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A simple gwethsmasher is a artificing template.

It is a 07- Challenging template, uses 2 sigils (abolition, metamorphosis), and is covered by the Advanced Artificing Design technique.

It is ? by ? by ? spans.

  • additional crafting note from the template: Notes indicate that after completion of the enchantment two gweth stones (kyanite or jadeite) must be put inside of the enchanted device. For the stronger enchantment, an unleash spell must be cast upon the device, or a shatter sigil must be used upon it, in order to finalize the enchantment.

ODD NOTE: Upon testing. This "simple gwethsmasher" does not require the Unleash; putting the 2 stones in completes it. However, the "unleashed gwethsmasher" does require an Unleash cast after putting in the 2 stones, and yielded more charges"


An example FOCUS for this item:


Use andesite as a base for reference.

Material Mat. Capacity Mat. Durability Speed Tool Durability Notes
Andesite 50 30 - -


Material Mat. Capacity Mat. Durability Speed Tool Durability Notes


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