Farn's Company

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A group of thirteen mages responsible for raising the Zaulfung Stones during the reign of Empress Merthamone. The group included Farn, Yalvache, Sithsia, Osneg and Zhakrhhn.

Some of the events surrounding the creation of the Zaulfung Stones are depicted in the Ring Visions.

From A Study of the Zaulfung Stones by High Mage Wosykaun Ervintralao

Farn's Company was (so the documents say) an elite group of specialist mages, all with considerable experience in battle, hand-picked by Empress Merthamone. The chronicler notes that they often passed as a small mercenary band. On occasion the Company would even take employment with rebel lords and participate, to some extent, in raids against the Empire itself. However, they would leave with the knowledge of the rebels' strengths, weaknesses, and strategies.