Eylhaar's Rest

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Eylhaar's Rest
Event Hollow Eve Festival 447
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Food shops, Drink shops, Smoking shops
This store only accepts Kronars

Elyhaar's Rest

[Eylhaar's Rest, Dive Bar]
The air in this dingy bar is thick with the acrid scent of spilled ale and the smoky residue of countless pipes. Framed by rows of bottles with unrecognizable labels, a massive, weathered painting of a snarling jackal hangs on the wall behind the bar. Dim lanterns flicker, casting elongated shadows that dance across the uneven stone floor. Seashells and fishing nets haphazardly decorate the walls.
You also see a lacquered oak bar with several things on it, a slate menu with drink names written in chalk, some notched stools, a smooth wall with a two-colored dartboard on it with a two-colored dartboard on it and an oak door.
Obvious exits: none.

Celebrating Those Who Walked the Road
Share a Drink and a Story With Us
Item Price Done
1 - Kurmin's Spider Bite 18,750   
2 - Keishalae's Enigmatic Elixir 18,750   
3 - Twilightberry's Starry Twilight 18,750   
4 - Malva's Clockwork Spritz 18,750   
5 - Worran's Angler's Reward 18,750   
6 - Daelus' Sage's Reverie 18,750   
7 - Turialo's Stormy Gin 18,750   
8 - Flintheart's Stout Tribute 18,750   
9 - Uwresari's Sculptor's Muse 18,750   
10 - Blanve's Opulent Liqueur 18,750   
11 - Vatari's Midnight Focus 18,750   
12 - Mahilin's Golden Serpent 18,750   
13 - Tildi's Sapphire Blossom 18,750   
14 - Beezell's Surgeon's Mystery 18,750   
15 - Rext's Inspector's Intrigue 18,750   
16 - Hobglup's Bone Spirit 18,750   
17 - Jackal's Reserve Whiskey 300   
18 - Ma's Mutton Pie 200   
** All purchases must be in Kronars. **
Drinks 1-16 are Challenger's beverages, 1 volume only and each also has a RECALL message referring to the namesake.
In the oak bar
Item Price Done
hand-rolled pyramid cigar with a thin black band 437   
On the merchandise rack (which is on a lacquered oak bar)
Item Price Done
notched porcelain tankard engraved with a jackal 6,250