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Enigmatic Elixir
Look: Served in a shot glass, this drink is a floral mix of herbal gin infused with lemon zest and lavender, with a touch of bitter almond syrup and a twist of citrus for balance. It is garnished with a single blue flower.
Weight: 1 stones
Metal: No
Uses: 1
Appraised Cost: 23,437 Kronars18,749.6 Lirums <br />16,912.139 Dokoras <br />23.437 LTBpoints <br />23.437 Tickets <br />23.437 Scrips <br />
Properties: This is an item.
Dimensions: 2 length x 1 width x 1 height
Sources: Source is Eylhaar's Rest
  • DRINK: Grinning, you pull a large swig from a glass of Enigmatic Elixir. The taste of floral infusion with a twist of citrus fills your mouth.
[WARNING: Drinking large quantities of this could make you unconscious!]
Roundtime: 5 seconds
You finish off the Elixir. You'll have to find some more now!
  • RECALL: This drink commemorates Keishalae, the mercurial witch that ran the shop the Web of Fate. Her quick wit and limited patience left her finding creative ways to murder her customers, who kept coming back for more. Keishalae perished in the explosion of 432 AV that destroyed the Massive Arachnid, but reappeared after walking the Starry Road in 438 AV, with some saying she was a True Sorcerer.
Roundtime: 2 sec.