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Communes are special abilities which Clerics can utilize by directly calling down the power of the gods. They are powered by Devotion through the performing of Cleric Rituals. Communes are granted after completion of sacred quests, and require ritual components. Communes also require that the cleric have Favor with the gods, or they will receive messaging indicating that they feel too hollow to perform the particular ritual. The Commune command is used to activate and monitor communes in the following manner:

  • COMMUNE HELP will show you a list of the communes you have learned
  • COMMUNE SENSE will show you communes that are currently active

Theurgy experience granted by communes is directly proportional to the devotion spent. Regardless of skill level, the Meraud commune (for example) isn't more efficient than the others; it's just bigger than Eluned's communes. Theurgy skill also determines the power, duration and cooldown timers for communes.

Timer Messaging

  • You may not perform another commune if you receive this messaging via COMMUNE SENSE:
You will not be able to open another divine conduit yet.
  • Communes can be reused once you have received this messaging:
You feel fully prepared to seek assistance from the Immortals once again.
  • COMMUNE SENSE timer messaging for active communes:
The waters of Eluned are still in your thoughts.
Meraud's power still holds your attention.
You have been recently enlightened by Tamsine.
The teachings of Hodierna have yet to fully sink in.
The sounds of Kertigen's forge still ring in your ears.

Summary of communes

Ability Type Skill Prereqs Effect
Tamsine's commune commune theurgy ​2nd Circle, Quest +Targeted Magic skill, vs. undead only
Eluned's commune (water) commune theurgy ​3rd Circle, Quest create holy water
Kertigen's commune commune theurgy ​8th Circle, Quest bless weapon
Hodierna's commune commune theurgy 12th Circle, Quest staunch bleeding
Eluned's commune (athletics) commune theurgy 15th Circle, Quest +Athletics skill
Meraud's commune commune theurgy 20th Circle, Quest +Mana level, -Mana level, boost mana for all types but arcane, penalizes arcane mana
Glythtide's commune commune theurgy 35th Circle, Quest create marriage and divorce roses
Truffenyi's commune commune theurgy 60th Circle, Quest. Convert offering into a favor orb (self or others) or return favor orb (self only).
Note for returning cleric players: Clerics who did their commune quests before DR 3.0 will need to repeat the quests for Tamsine, Eluned I, and Meraud before they can be used. These may not be offered in "original" order, see your guild leader to start them.


See Cleric quest walkthroughs.

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