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I no longer play DR, but I continue to contribute here on occasion. I have a lot of notes that I have been slowly adding to the Wiki. My notes mostly cover history and events, with about 1600 entries on NPCs.

If there are particular topics for which you'd like me to add my notes, please let me know. Be aware, though, that I don't come by here particularly often to add stuff.

Neat stuff

Fancy things I have contributed to or, in some cases, created

Modern Timeline - a catalog of events which have taken place since DR has been around (basically, a players' history)

Timelines - a central place to find timelines

Elanthipedia:Manual of Style - how to format, organize, etc. your articles

Category:Emperor - all of the Emperors of the Seven Star Empire, from Verek to Vithwok IV

Category:Stubs, Special:Uncategorizedpages, Special:Wantedpages, Category:Expanding_Elanthipedia - articles that need help

to do

Talk:Modern_Timeline - several things listed that need to be added to the timeline

start slogging through my notes and posting those. bleh, long job.

Marriage Among the Elves, Volume 1 (book) - a whole series of books that need tagging, etc

fix Ibec with disambig page

Book:HeaEJ1 - make these pretty

Markup notes:


  • Item 1
  • Item 2
    • Item 2.1
      • Item 2.1.1

For more, See Test - Rawb




use "(hash) redirect User:Basselope"

linking to a category

put a colon first, as in Category:Emperor