Thryntyrlz BagMaker's Yurt (5)

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Thryntyrlz BagMaker's Yurt
Event Thorkim Family Farm 429
Owner Thryntyrlz
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Container shops, Clothing shops
Restrictions Estate Holder
This store only accepts Kronars

Show Room

[Thryntyrlz BagMaker's Yurt, Show Room]
Heavy felt walls keep all but the strongest of winds from disturbing the serenity of this expansive yurt. Dozens of small glass spheres, each filled with brightly glowing blue-white liquid, ornament the ironwood support poles and fill the room with light. An onyx display stand dominates the center of the room, flanked on either side by a polished malachite pedestal and a luminous blue sapphire chest. A servant guards a shimmering spidersilk curtain that hangs along the back wall.
You also see a delicate spidersilk screen and a heavy felt flap.
Obvious exits: none.

On the malachite pedestal
Item Price Done
svelae icesilk snowman wearing a felted top hat and red Elven wool scarf 1,437,500   !!
On the ironwood pole
Item Price Done
emerald bourde rucksack covered in mirror-like goldweave straps 1,612,500   
In the blue sapphire chest
Item Price Done
white and red vertical pinstripe sack of farandine 700,000   !!
royal blue khaddar bag cinched by an onyx-hide cord 627,500   
chartreuse pouch constructed from subdued dergatine 837,500   !!
cowhide clutch with an inkdrop agate toggle closure 750,000   

Private Display Room (Estate Holders)

[Thryntyrlz BagMaker's Yurt, Private Display Room]
The discerning decor from the show room is continued here, in this richly-appointed space. Lustrous silver, gold and platinum chests neatly line one while a gleaming glass display case occupies another. An ornately carved azurite pedestal is situated in middle of the sumptuous jewel toned carpet that covers the floor. An alarmingly large sign is suspended from the wall near a delicate spidersilk screen.

Obvious exits: none.

A large sign reads:
The items I've placed in this area are the culmination of my art and the result of a lifetime's mastery.  They are priced accordingly.  In the chests I've placed what I call puzzle bags.  Be SURE to read the slip of parchment that I've hidden in each one!  You should find one when you first try to close your bag.  On the pedestal are my changeable bags.  I'm very pleased with the work that I've done with these, and I hope you will be too.  For the affluent, look in the display case.  -- Thryntyrlz BagMaker
In the platinum chest
Item Price Done
whitleather messenger's satchel double-stitched with black silk thread 20,000,000   !!
pine green khaddar knapsack back-stitched with golden threads 5,600,000   !!
In the gold chest
Item Price Done
storyplait thigh bag secured with a green gold contraption 6,700,000   !!
animal handler's game-bag of snow-white hiro bear fur 2,700,000   !!
In the silver chest
Item Price Done
lilac Elven wool wristlet with an Albarian lace overlaid strap 2,500,000   !!
mustard-yellow corduroy pouch with an oxblood leather drawstring 1,250,000   !!
On the azurite pedestal
Item Price Done
armure smith's bundle 6,250,000   
camlet inventor's backpack 5,000,000   
Velakan linen clothmaker's duffel 4,000,000   !!
jadeleaf alchemist's rucksack 4,200,000   !!
jaguar-pelt hip pouch 2,000,000   
lotusweave drawstring bag 6,500,000   !!
The items on this pedestal represent new heights in the art. Each of these containers has extremely adjustable straps, allowing them to be converted to many uses. Developing the process by which these are made took a great deal of time and effort, and so these items are priced accordingly.
In the display case
Item Price Done
polka-dotted tote 5,625,000   
steelsilk warrior's carryall 40,000,000   
The culminant of my art, here you will find bags that are much more than they appear. These are designed to BOTH lock shut via their complex straps AND to allow changing of shapes and wearable locations. Please be SURE to read the hidden parchment within for the two step process required to unlock each bag that you will find when you FIRST try to close one. -- Thryntyrlz BagMaker