This Little Piggy (3)

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This Little Piggy
Event Thorkim Family Farm 429
Owner Unknown
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Pet shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[This Little Piggy, Went A'Traveling]
An enormous apple tree is painted on the wall opposite of the caravan's entrance, it's gnarled branches spreading outwards to cover the adjacent walls with bright green leaves and glossy red fruit. Cleverly strung apple-shaped gaethzen lanterns hang from the tree limbs and cast a rosy glow across the room, highlighting a pair of tables in the center of the cozy space and a series of small shelves sprouting from the trunk of the apple tree.
You also see a narrow door framed with fragrant applewood.

Obvious exits: none.

On the applewood shelf
Item Price Done
crisply folded bandana checkered in shades of red and black 1,250   
sunny yellow bandana covered in golden honeybees 15,000   
wide-brimmed farmer's hat woven out of straw 1,250   
straw gardener's hat tied with a pink silk scarf 12,500   
On the fruitwood shelf
Item Price Done
stylish pink galoshes splattered with glitter 1,250   No
dark blue galoshes with bright yellow soles 1,250   No
sensational lipka cotton wings dyed in shades of lavender 43,750   
sleek white feather wings tipped with plumed agates 93,750   
On the green table
Item Price Done
gaudy asini egg covered in crimson sapphire shards 225,000   !!
hollow brown log flecked with slivers of copper silk 31,250   !!
icy white seven-pointed Imperial star edged in gold glitter 50,000   !!
boisterous felted tavern with flamboyant goldweave awnings 218,750   !!
bright yellow silk sunflower tinged with orange 35,000   !!
On the blue table
Item Price Done
fat-headed snowman with an orange carrot-shaped nose 31,250   !!
felted wool box festooned with spangly tassels 43,750   !!
chunky blue stocking cuffed with plush white velvet 35,000   !!
tiny marblesilk fir tree covered in tufted red holly berries 56,250   !!
itsy-bitsy sapphire icesilk igloo 275,000   !!
On the skyfruit shelf
Item Price Done
baggy sackcloth overalls patched at the knees 1,250   
muddy brown overalls with rolled up cuffs 937   
rugged leather war kilt pinned with a gold boar 1,875   
tattered black and silver war kilt 125,000   
On the mesquite shelf
Item Price Done
oversized coral sweater embroidered with apple blossoms 1,000   
chunky knit sweater featuring a chevron stripes 937   
dark grey tweed vest lined with pale peach damask 812   
dapper blue vest edged in silver braiding 750