Therengia Cavalry

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The Therengia Cavalry

My horse, my sword, and my Province; are my heart, my life, and my purpose.

The Therengia Cavalry was commissioned as the official Royal Cavalry of Therengia by the Lord Baron Jeladric Theren IV. The Cavalry was founded by Commander Gwenddolyn, with 1st Lieutenant Nixieg, and 2nd Lieutenant Gniloi. After consistant expansion and growth within the Cavalry, Gwenddolyn was promoted to Senior Commander by Lord Baron Gyfford Theren and the Cavalry was granted two additional commissioned divisions. The current three Cavalry divisions, descriptions and recruit requirements are as follows:

The Baron's Dragoons

An elite heavily armed horse division, primarily used for intense fighting along side the Baron's Militia forces. The Knights of the Baron's Table, with requirements of recruits to have 60 advancements from one of the following guilds: Paladin, Barbarian, Warrior Mage, Moon Mage, Bard, Cleric or Battle Empath. All races are welcome.

The Baron's Outriders

A light horse division primarily used for scouting, intel, and recon missions. Experienced Horse Trainers and Stablemasters of the Cavalry, and Therengia's Provincial Explorers with a cause. Minimum requirements of recruits are 40 advancements from one of the following guilds: Ranger, Moon Mage, Warrior Mage, Bard, Empath, Cleric, Barbarian, or Locksmith. All races are welcome.

The Baron's Hussars

A hardworking triage division that assists with invasion recovery. The very life and soul of the Cavalry who keep all troops ready and able to fight and protect the Province. No minimum requirements for recruits from the following Guilds: Empath, Cleric, Bard, Paladin, Barbarian, Warrior Mage, Moon Mage or Ranger. All races are welcome.


The Therengia Cavalry are currently recruiting in all Divisions. Potential recruits should to speak to one of the following to apply. After an initial interview and acceptance of the applicant into the Calvary recruit program, additional requirements of Therengian citizenship and Provincial classes will be completed prior to badging and granting access to Cavalry scrolls.

Current Commanders

(Suspended due to inactivity during Baron's audience on 5/23/17)

  • Commander: None
  • Court Liaison: None
  • Orders Ambassador: None

  • Baron's Dragoons Lt: None
  • Baron's Outriders Lt: None
  • Baron's Hussars Sgt: None

Former Commanders

Senior Commander Gwenddolyn
Dragoons - Klurn, Gwenddolyn, Grymmlen, Vicktoreon, Dulcinie, Gallanthur
Outriders - Gniloi, Ghodbane, Zrxa, Ardale,
Hussars - Barola, Draeya, Rikilietta, Addisyn