Therenborough Town Stable

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Therenborough Town Stable
Province Therengia
Town Therenborough
Map Ranik's Map 42
# of Rooms 5
Store Type Tack shops, Stable shops, Food shops, Drink shops
This store only accepts Lirums


[Therenborough Town Stable, Barn]
Thin barred windows raised high on exterior walls do little to illuminate this darkened shelter, securely built from thick wood planks. Parallel rows of narrow stalls, split by an aisle covered with a blanket of fresh straw, provide safe haven for all manner of beasts of burden. Off to the north is the corral, housing animals in need of exercise while boarded.
Obvious exits: north, out.

  • store and return your horses here.
  • See Stables for more information.

[Therenborough Town Stable, Corral]
A pair of buildings face each other across an expanse of hoof-packed earth. Encircling the area is a split rail fence enclosing a large corral that secures any animals left behind by equestrians going about their chores. The larger of the two buildings, an outpost for the Therengian Cavalry, is built from stacked logs, while the second more modest structure houses the stable's business office, where deals are made and goods of all kinds can be purchased.
Obvious exits: south.

Tack Room

[Therenborough Town Stable, Business Office]
Whitewashed walls do little to brighten up the small space whose haphazard decor suggests it's used for all sorts of random deals. Cradling the corner, a sturdy desk is piled high with ledgers, doing little to hide the chipped finish of the surface and that of the chair neatly tucked behind the desk. A collection of straw-lined boxes, crates and chests are casually stacked across the room, keeping all edible treasures safe from hungry rodents.
Obvious exits: out.

On the small chest
Item Price Done
carved onyx stiff brush 500   
On the wooden crate
Item Price Done
carved onyx curry comb 500   
carved onyx mane and tail brush 500   
steel hoof pick 1,500   
On the feed box
Item Price Done
green apple 5   
rolled oats 1,000   
alfalfa hay 1,000   
cube of salt 10   
sweet carrot 10   
cracked corn 1,000   


[Therenborough Town Stable, Cavalry Outpost]
This rustic outpost is spacious enough to house the regiments that form the Therengian Cavalry, allowing boisterous meetings to be held outside the Keep so as not to disturb the Baron's day-to-day activities. Silk banners representing each troop adorn the wall behind a podium, adding a colorful background. Benches, chairs and unclaimed saddles perched on stands offer seating near a table filled with refreshments, set out to fortify hard-working patrols that wander in at all hours.
You also see a crate of Theren Cavalry uniforms.
Obvious exits: west, out.

On the refreshment table
Item Price Done
tray of chocolate horse-shaped cookies 0   
large wooden platter filled with barbecued peccary ribs dripping in spicy sauce 0   
platter of warm cheese tarts 0   
brass-banded cask filled with a pale golden Gwenalion ale 0   
tall glass pitcher of fresh spring water 0   
cauldron of mulled wine 0   
fine porcelain plate filled with open-faced rare roast beef sandwiches topped with dollops of spicy mustard 0   
shield-shaped steel pot of steaming Knight's Virtue tea sprinkled with brown sugar 0   
silver platter of buttery grilled cheese sandwiches 0   
gold platter filled with tiny snowbeast sausages skewered with little sword-shaped sticks and served with a spicy radish dip 0   
wooden tray with slices of chocolate apple-spiced cake 0   
small crock of soothing honeyed chamomile tea 0   
pitcher of iced strawberry lemonade 0   
ivory plate of bacon and sliced turkey sandwiches served on hearty white bread slathered with garlic-mayonnaise 0   

[Therenborough Town Stable, Cavalry Barracks]
Precisely furnished for the comfort of the Baron's horsemen, this long chamber is kept neat despite signs of frequent use. Horsehair mattresses pad field cots lining the length of one wall, each one fitted with a standard issue blanket and pillow. Small mirrors hang behind serviceable dry sinks, meticulously set with washbasins, pitchers and a variety of toiletries. Ending the wide aisle splitting the room, a table and chairs await any guardsmen unable to sleep who choose to relax with a game of cards.
Obvious exits: east.

On the oak table
Item Price Done
ceramic crock filled with Cavalry's Charge golden ale 0   
bottle of ginger beer 0   
bowl of hard pretzels 0   
striped paper bag of fried pork rinds 0   
On the oak table you see a colorful deck of playing cards