The First Land Herald/421-06-04

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Article Number: BI49
Dateline: 421-06-04

Recently, the provinces have suffered a series of unusual and troubling invasions. This was continued on 421/5/30, when Therenborough found itself under attack by blue brine sharks, bull brine sharks, sharpnose brine sharks, dread great white sharks, and Stormriders. While Therenborough has been attacked by sharks in the past, this particular attack was unusual as it was not raining. Previous attacks involving Drogor’s creatures have been accompanied by some level of precipitation.

Priestess Whiteburn, a Cleric well known for being devoted to Drogor, stated, “I have never known His Children to attack without rain to accompany them. When His Children attacked Ratha, I felt His presence. However, this time I saw and felt nothing of the Divine.” Whiteburn went on to speculate, “It is my belief that, though the Creatures were surely Divine, the Mighty Lord Drogor might not have bade them attack.”

The question of who or what sent the creatures aside, those that actively defended Therenborough indicated that the sharks and Stormriders were of the type seen previously. Etherian, one of the brave defenders, stated, “There were two Stormriders that I know of. One showed up in the first wave and one near the end. Other than that, I believe it was mostly blue brine and bull brine sharks.” Grand Inquisitor Liurilias added, “Stormriders are… the hardest [opponents]. They… resist my debilitations and are hardest to actually hit.”. Finally, Mistanna, a Moon Mage, added, “They had no weapons. They used their typical lightning attacks that harm everyone in proximity to them. Sometimes they dropped Drogor's Wrath sapphires.”

One such sapphire was provided for examination. The sapphire looks like the dark cobalt of the ocean on a moonless night, pale striations within the murky gem resembling whitecaps of a storm-wracked sea.

Klines Silvermist
Assistant Reporter, The First Land Herald

Real Date: Unknown Date
Brine shark


Drogorian stormrider

Drogor's Wrath sapphire