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Core Noun:
Weight: Unknown
Metal: Unknown
Appraised Cost: Unknown
Dimensions: ? length x ? width x ? height
Sources: Unknown

Usage Documentation:

This template is for use with non-armor, non-weapon items. Copy the following into the item page. Weapons, armor, and shields have their own separate templates, and for brawling and related equipment use Template:Weapon.

Before using this template, please consult the Manual of Style!


Variable Supported Values Usage
name Name of the object. Only include this if the item name is different from the page name (e.g. a <color> wand).
look -, <text> The description gained by LOOKing at the item. "-" will result in "You see nothing unusual."
noun The single word noun used to interact with the item.
MTag <material>,<material>,... Comma-separated list of materials used in the item's name and/or description.
CTag <color>,<color>,... Comma-separated list of colors used in the item's name and/or description.
STag <symbol>,<symbol>,... Comma-separated list of symbols used in the item's name and/or description.
type -, alchemy, anatomy chart, atmo, cambrinth, casts spell, celestial jewelry, chakrel, challenger's beverage, clothing, container, creation, drink, enchanting, engineering, feature, food, foraged, forging, gaethzen, gives light, haste, hiding, housing, instrument, jewelry, juggling, lock, magic, material, misc, outfitting, pet, siegery, smoking, stacking, tack, tie, toy, trainer, verby, writing, <guild> style, <race> style Comma-separated list for category inclusion.

With regard to the guild/race styles, only list them if the item has a specific use for that group, or a person ignorant of the source of the item would believe the item is styled for that guild or race.

Valid instrument types include: percussion, string, wind

"tie" indicates the item is a tie item.

uses # The number of bites, sips, drinks, waves, etc.
weight # Weight in stones ("-" will disable).
lsize # Length of the outside of object as determined with MEASURE. If this is a container, make sure to CLOSE before you measure.
hsize # Height of the outside of object as determined with MEASURE.
wsize # Width of the outside of object as determined with MEASURE.
ilsize # Length of the inside of container as determined with MEASURE. Ensure the container is OPEN before measuring.
ihsize # Length of the inside of container as determined with MEASURE.
iwsize # Length of the inside of container as determined with MEASURE.
csize # Weight capacity as determined with MEASURE.
wearloc -, generic, eye, eyes, ear, ears, head, hair, eyebrow, forehead, nose, neck, chest, shirt, shirt-, arms, upper arm, wrist, hands, finger, back, shoulder, shoulders, abdomen, waist, belt, legs, thigh, pants, ankles, feet, tail Where the item is worn. "-" indicates the item is not worn.
maxcharge # maximum mana that can be held by the item (used with cambrinth, gaethzen, etc).
spellcast spell The spell cast by the item.
appcost # The cost given by an expert (Trader preferred) appraisal. Given in Kronars. ("-" will disable)
sourcetype -, sold by, other Gives the appropriate display of the source of the item. When set to "-", sources are automatically handled using sloot references on the source page. Set this to "other" when manually listing a source (see below).
source (source)+(source version 2)+... Where the item comes from (e.g. <player1> and <player2>'s wedding). This should only be used with an "other" sourcetype (see above).
cost # Kronars/Dokoras/Lirums Price at preceeding store, including currency. This field is optional.
list A way to change how an item is listed in categories.
rare true, false Used to explicitly declare that an item is not commonly available at a shop or creature drop.
htype doors, free, knoll, tree, interior, furniture, decoration, pet, bed, misc, storage, chair, armor stand, weapon stand, fireplace, fuel, wall, wind chime, bird house A space for listing an items housing properties. See Property:Housing item type.

Blank Template

You can copy/paste below when creating a new Item: page. See values above or the Manual of Style for a description of values.

|type=<can be a list separated by ",">