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Description: A property for declaring that a housing item is used only on a certain type of house.
Type: string
Allows Value: Armor Stand, bed, birdfeeder, Chair, decoration, Door, doors, exterior, Exterior Decoration, Exterior Style, fireplace, Floor, Floor Covering, freestanding, fuel, General Storage, Heat Source, Interior Decoration, knoll, Large Item, miscellaneous, Pet, rug, tree, Wall, Wall Hanging, Weapon Rack, windchime, Window, Other

There are currently 845 items in this property, 60 of which are incomplete, and 0 of which are outdated.


  • decoration: an item that has no real purpose or defined role. Something to be placed on a wall or piece of furniture.
  • exterior: An item that attaches to the exterior of the house and changes its appearance.
  • door/misc/wall/floor/window/general storage/chair/armor stand/weapon rack/fireplace/rug: Which furniture slot the item occupies.
  • misc: This slot covers all items which would fit in the "misc 1" or "misc 2" slots, such as beds, tables, counters, etc.
  • bed: Note that this applies to all items that would be slept upon, such as sandpits.
  • pet: Any item that occupies the pet slot, whether animal or otherwise.
  • fuel: The logs and other burnable materials specifically made for fireplaces.
  • windchime/birdfeeder: A few special exterior items have additional functions.
  • tree/doors/freestanding/knoll: If it's specific to a type of house.

Note that a door-type item is "door" while an item that is used on door-type houses is "doors."