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Core Noun:
Fortuitous Block Chance:
State: Held Arm-Worn
Damage: puncture damage
slice damage
impact damage
puncture damage
slice damage
impact damage
Appraised Cost: Unknown
Dimensions: ? length x ? width x ? height
Sources: Unknown

Usage Documentation

This template is for use with shields that are non-forged, non-tanned or derivatives thereof. Please consult the Manual of Style for information on listing crafted items. Please use Template:Weapon for parry sticks and brawling equipment.
Currently the only special properties this page is set up to display is magical equipment. If you have other suggestions, please list them on the discussion page.
Note: Please make sure you receive the message "Your experience with shields allows a better appraisal of the protection capabilities." when you appraise your shield.

Variable Values Usage
name name of the object if it's different than the page name
newshieldapp yes/no Has this page been updated to reflect the hindrance and construction appraisal updates, as well as the second tier of appraisals was achieved?
look the description gained by LOOKing at it.
noun the single word noun used to interact with it
type SSH/MSH/LSH shield size
hindrance hindrance value
minprotection minimum protection value
maxprotection maximum protection value
damage when used as a weapon
metal y/n Is it made with metal and therefore repairable at a metal forge
weight # weight in stones
appcost # The cost given by an expert (trader preferred) appraisal. Given in Kronars.
traderapp y/n Was the previous appraisal done by a trader?
special magic/cambrinth/(guild) type/(race) type/light What special properties does the shield have. See Property:Has item property for explanations. With regard to the guild and race styles, only list them if the item has a specific use for that group, or a person ignorant of the source of the item would believe the item is styled for that guild or race.
sourcetype# -/sold by/other Gives the appropriate display of the source of the item. If the item is only dropped by creatures, mark the first field as "-". Note: "dropped by" is now handled by script.
source# Where the item can be acquired. If sourcetype is "sold by" links are automatically generated.
cost# # Kronars/Lirums/Dokoras If sold, the cost at the preceeding shop, including currency.
list A way to change how an item is listed in categories.
rare true/false Used to explicitly declare that an item is not commonly available at a shop or creature drop.
itype Sets inclusion in subtypes, such as "kite shield."

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