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House Hralfgar is a paramilitary organization, which some might call a crime syndicate. Murderers, thieves, smugglers, practitioners of forbidden magics, and sellswords all find their home in House Hralfgar, and all are available for a price. For what is nobility but a racketeering enterprise with a thin veneer of respectibility? And what is crime but egalitarian warfare of the masses? In House Hralfgar, any person may make their own nobility -- if they are strong enough, ruthless enough, and willing to break the rules.



To contract with House Hralfgar for any of our services, or to inquire about fees, contact an officer by gweth or Discord.

Son of Damaris

The Son of Damaris, a fast and sleek cutter rigged for smuggling and privateering operations, is the flagship of House Hralfgar, and captained by Simas. Her home port is out of the Crossing Docks, with frequent visits to the islands.

Charters are available, both for travel and more specialized maritime operations. Fees vary, contact a member of the ship's command staff for more details.

Specialized Services

We have a full spectrum of trader services available, from auctions, to gem selling, including our own shop located prominently in the Crossing Market Plaza. Additionally the full range of Empathic shifting, Ranger services, Moon Mage enchanting, and Forging, Outfitting, and other crafting services are available, including with rare metals and patterns/instructions. As you can tell from our armory, we also possess a wide range of arms and armor available for sale or contract.

Personal Security

It's dangerous to go alone. Enemies can be lurking behind every shadow, waiting to strike you down. So hire someone to protect you, and to avenge you should you be the first to fall. We can provide secure transportation by moongate, ship, and other methods, along with armed escorts to ensure you safely reach your destination.


There are no secrets in the world House Hralfgar inhabits -- only information which we possess, or soon will. Physical and remote spying on targeted individuals can provide the key bit of information one needs, or the timely intelligence on an adversary's location to enable a strike. We have a battle-proven record of having the right spies, hidden in the right locations, at the right time, to enable your mission's success.

Asset Recovery

Deals go sour, and occasionally a client will be the victim of a rip-off attempt. We provide expertise in tracking down the perpetrator and forcing them to return the pilfered asset.

Kinetic Operations

Sometimes, a client needs more than just harsh words to make their point. House Hralfgar can provide lethal and less-than-lethal direct action on behalf of well-qualified clients.


Coming soon.




Title Rank Name Notes

Lord Commander


Simas Hralfgar

Captain of the Son of Damaris


Master of Coin (Treasurer)


Lord of Whispers

Chief of Operations (Secretary)


Chief Medical Officer

Wordsmith (Historian)


Official hip-hop artist

Chief Scout





Fenance Frokken

Speaker of the Dead



Aerospace Liaison


Dalbin Goose

Liaison to Goose Family Crime Syndicate


  • Zurrus
  • Fromee Olegnaloc
  • Arjen Goose
  • Klamike Goose
  • Devoar Deverwind
  • Isoldegarde