Iprilu's Emporium

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Iprilu's Emporium
Province Zoluren
Justice city
Town The Crossing
Map Ranik's Map 1e
Owner Iprilu
# of Rooms 5
Store Type Paladin shops, Cambrinth shops, Clothing shops, Container shops, Jewelry shops, Shield shops, Weapon shops
Restrictions Paladin
This store only accepts Kronars

Inventory (partially) refreshed on 12/20/2022 (as Tuesday Tidings 148), again on 04/04/2023 (as TT 163), and again on 05/09/2023 (as TT 168). One more update is pending. The stock no longer rotates.

Note: This shop closes at night.

Front Room

[Iprilu's Emporium, Front Room]
Embellished with golden accents, the marble walls glitter to life, highlighted by an overhanging chandelier. An elaborately woven dark blue rug lies before the polished ebonwood door and stretches towards a simple wooden counter. A nearby set of winding stairs curves its way to the second floor, its gilded gold banister polished to a soft sheen.
You also see Iprilu.
Obvious exits: east, west.

Garments for Lords and Ladies

[Iprilu's Emporium, Garments for Lords and Ladies]
Several hanging tapestries decorate the walls, their bright colors portraying vivid scenes of battle. Resting near the entrance is an overstuffed velvet chair, with woven shawls carefully draped over the back and a matching footrest at the base. A heavy oak wardrobe dominates a nearby corner, its doors propped open on both sides by a shoe rack and a display case.
You also see some shimmering hooks with several things on it.
Obvious exits: west.

In the oak wardrobe
Item Price Done
heavy samite surcoat emblazoned with scenes from the Bonding 22,500   No
sindon surcoat in the livery colors of Zoluren 17,500   No
broadcloth surcoat in the livery colors of Therengia 61,800   No
Elothean silk surcoat in the livery colors of Ilithi 29,500   No
watered silk surcoat in the livery colors of Qi'Reshalia 67,000   No
nightsilk surcoat in the livery colors of Forfedhdar 81,200   No
A note on the wardrobe reads: "These surcoats conceal items worn beneath them."
On the shimmering hooks
Item Price Done
elegant white mantle bearing the crest of the Paladins' Guild 375,000   No
stately grey mantle bearing a triple-headed icon 385,900   No
majestic purple mantle gilded by the lion of Chadatru 383,300   No
crisp sky blue mantle graced by the mongoose of Rutilor 397,500   No
somber black mantle tarnished by the wary goshawk of Botolf 375,000   No
A note on the hooks reads: "These mantles are enchanted to change colors when rubbed."
On the shoe rack
Item Price Done
whitleather jousting boots with steel spurs 5,200   No
rencate sabatons with pointed toes 30,000   No
blued-steel sabatons with golden spurs 73,400   No
brightly polished sabatons with platinum spurs 92,400   No
peaked leather shoes tooled with knotwork laurel 20,00   No
long-toed velvet shoes fitted with mistwood pattens 3,000   No
long-toed firesilk shoes fitted with copperwood pattens 32,000   No
In the display case
Item Price Done
steel circlet of briar bristling with rusty thorns 19,100   No
radiant crown of gold 31,800   No
simple silver diadem 7,100   No
brightly polished platinum halo 36,000   No
lifelike olive wreath wrought from tel'athi 9,900   No
A note on the case reads: "These items can help you style your hair."

Vessels of Distinction

[Iprilu's Emporium, Vessels of Distinction]
Large mahogany panels dominate the back of the room, which is carpeted in fine rugs woven with patterns of knotwork laurel. Nearby, several steel hooks have been stocked with merchandise, the colors bright against the darkened wood grain.
Obvious exits: east.

On the steel hooks
Item Price Done
sturdy spidersilk armor pack supported by a steel frame 1,000   !!
rugged whitleather saddlebag pyrographed with a historic map 1,000   
palladium baldric clasped with a roaring lion 45,000   
palladium quiver clasped with a striking mongoose 38,000   No

Second Floor Landing

[Iprilu's Emporium, Landing]
The staircase gives way to a circular landing, halved by two soulstone arches that shimmer softly, their radiance glimmering off the smooth, polished, marble flooring. High above glitters a stained-glass skylight portraying a noble Paladin brandishing a silvery sword in combat against a menacing stone gargoyle.
You also see some winding stairs, the west archway and the east archway.
Obvious exits: none.


[Iprilu's Emporium, Conviction]
The lighting in this room burns softly from hanging oil lanterns, and casts a warm glow over a crystal case along the far wall. Strangely, the items on the altar are illuminated with more brilliance than the three lanterns can provide, creating the illusion that the light comes from within the objects, themselves. A lone display case sits opposite a vanity, embedded within the shadows and shrouded with a sable cloth.
Obvious exits: west, out.

On the laurel vanity
Item Price Done
delicate cambrinth ring shaped like a coursing hound 1,500   No
heavy cambrinth signet ring incised with the crest of the Paladins' Guild 2,000   !!
cambrinth laurel wreath with lifelike leaves 4,000   No
elegant cambrinth armband composed of tricolored knotwork 5,000   No
heavy cambrinth armband shaped like a charging mongoose 6,000   No
ceremonial war belt reinforced with cambrinth plates 12,000   !!
cambrinth Chadatru idol wearing a crown of gold 69,000   No
cambrinth Rutilor idol with a halo of platinum 79,000   No
cambrinth Botolf idol wearing a tarnished bronze collar 65,000   No
"cambrinth attuned to holy mana"

On the marble altar
Item Price Done
palladium pilgrim's badge etched with the crest of the Paladins' Guild 39,000   No
golden pilgrim's badge shaped like a crowned lion 43,000   No
platinum pilgrim's badge shaped like a haloed mongoose 52,500   No
bronze pilgrim's badge shaped like a collared goshawk 38,800   No
"pilgrim's badges"

In the display case
Item Price Done
smoky soulstone 10,000   !!
"soulstones for assessing the state of the sanctified soul"


[Iprilu's Emporium, Valor]
Mounted over the door is a massive broadsword, its blade serrated and set into a golden hilt. So enormous is its size, it is obvious it is a piece meant for show and not for battle, for clearly no warrior could lift it alone. An long table covers the far end of the room, displaying an assortment of melee weapons, while a nearby sturdy rack holds a variety of ranged weapons over a linen-covered counter.
Obvious exits: east.

On the wall
Item Price Done
oaken standard with a banner bearing the crest of the Paladins' Guild 50,000   
majestic goldenoak standard with a royal blue banner 50,000   No
ceremonial silverwood standard with a sable banner 50,000   No
somber purpleheart standard with a rust-hued banner 70,000   No
imposing blackthorn standard with a sanguine banner 50,000   No
"standards that can be wielded as pikes"

On the long table
Item Price Done
elegant schiavona with a firestained basket - HE 60,000   
mirror-finished war sword with an ornate hilt - HE 50,000   
mirror-finished greatsword with a mongoose-shaped hilt - 2HE 50,000   
double-bladed greataxe gilded with knotwork lions - 2HE 70,000   
massive imperial war hammer with a gryphon-shaped head - HB 50,000   
brightly polished steel morning star bristling with spikes - HB 50,000   
heavy dire mace with a razaksel head - 2HB 75,000   
weighted staff surmounted by a triple-headed icon - QS 50,000   
steel glaive firestained with the Red Spiral - halberd (pole) 65,000   

On the sturdy rack
Item Price Done
crimson-edged hurling axe with a bloodwood haft - HE/HT 50,000   
heavy throwing hammer with an ornate head - HB/HT 50,000   
throwing spear with a viciously barbed blade - pike/HT 50,000   
silverwood battle bow with a mongoose-carved riser - composite bow 50,000   
mistwood horseman's arbalest inlaid with anlora-avtoma knotwork - heavy crossbow 125,000   
blunt arrows with goshawk feather flights 1,000   
blunt crossbow bolts with goshawk feather flights 1,000   

On the high counter
Item Price Done
gleaming steel armguard gilded with knotwork laurel - parry stick 10,000   
weighted steel footwraps inlaid with golden scales 10,000   


[Iprilu's Emporium, Fortitude]
Hanging from the wall are many heavy shields, each with a differing design and some symbolic emblem of the Paladin guild. The light shimmers over them brightly, accenting their unique craftsmanship and flawless design. A plush wolf-skin rug covers the floor, muffling heavy footsteps from boot-clad customers.
Obvious exits: out.

on the shield hooks
Item Price Done
stately war shield gilded with a triple-headed icon 31,000   No
silvery aegis warded by the crest of the Paladins' Guild 17,000   No
jousting shield emblazoned with a destrier holding a broken lance 15,000   No
sable shield graced with the scales of justice balanced on a sword 16,000   No
golden ceremonial shield embossed with a roaring lion 64,300   No
luminous round sipar chased with a geometric design 16,000   No
on the marble statues
Item Price Done
elegant suit of armor with gilded accents 43,500   No
brightly polished laminar armor with gold fittings 26,000   No
mail hauberk reinforced with razaksel plates 349000   No
on the steel mannequins clad in plate armor
Item Price Done
visored helm with a golden crown of laurel 19,700   No
blued-steel muscle cuirass fringed with a skirt of pteruges 9,900   No
articulated plate vambraces with lion-headed couters 30,500   No
blued-steel gauntlets with claw-tipped fingers 13,900   No
heavy plate greaves with lion-headed poleyns 32,900   No
on the iron mannequins clad in brigandine armor
Item Price Done
conical helm with a lamellar aventail 3,800   No
segmented lorica with patinated bronze fittings 9,900   No
patinated lamellar vambraces etched with goshawk feathers 3,600   No
patinated lamellar gauntlets with talon-like fingers 1,600   No
splinted greaves with winged poleyns 6,600   No
on the bronze mannequins clad in chain armor
Item Price Done
gleaming mail coif with a platinum diadem 48,200   No
gleaming mail lorica with side seams of opalescent mistsilk 38,000   No
gleaming mail vambraces reinforced with splints 3,600   No
gleaming mail gloves with mirror-finished knuckleguards 1,600   No
gleaming mail greaves reinforced with splints 6,600   No

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