From Our Closet to Yours

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From Our Closet to Yours
Festival Turmar-Magen Charity Benefit
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Clothing shops, Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[From Our Closet to Yours, Waiting Room]
Stark white marble walls frame this spacious room and match the plush carpet. A large mirror hangs from one wall, while a doorway sits in the center of another. A couple of white leather chairs are set up in the space and an arch leads back outside. You also see an elegant silverwood list.
Obvious exits: none.

[From Our Closet to Yours, Sales Floor]
White marble is used to create the ceiling and walls, contrasting sharply with the black marble table that sits in the exact center of the room. Cut into the ceiling is a skylight to provide natural lighting during the day, while an array of candles set into niches in the walls provides light during other times. A doorway is carved into one wall.
Obvious exits: none.

On the black marble table
Item Price Done
pair of airy white Albarian lace gloves ?   
pair of white slippers accented with long pink ribbons tipped in dwalgim droplets ?   
soft white gown trimmed with pink silk peonies ?   !!
double-strand platinum and pearl necklace with a lilac diamond flower pendant ?   
dainty iced violet satin slippers with low heels ?   !!
pair of elegantly rustic camlet trousers with a tiny mystic topaz button ?   
emerald-inlaid silverwood purse with leaf-carved handles ?   
tall boots sporting diamondique panels each set with a single mystic topaz ?   
pair of rose-pink slippers with delicate crystal heels ?   
spiraling armband set with sprays of azurite teardrops ?   
pair of wintry white mistsilk slippers with green quartz heels ?   
decorative pocket-chain of circular platinum links ending in a crimson sapphire fob ?   !!
tailored jacket of white cashmere ?   
dramatically plunging backless gown of cobalt silk charmuese ?   !!
resplendent azurite back-pendant dangling from a long chain of tiered platinum links ?   
airy silken tunic awash with verdant hues ?   !!
dainty silvered silk slippers faintly tinged with blue ?   
perfectly preserved sun's glory blossom accented with golden wirework ?   
formal winter gown of pallid golden silk washed with a warm honey iridescence ?   !!
triple-strand necklace dangling summer's heart sapphires ?   !!
strappy sandals perched atop low heels ?   !!
diamondique and glaes bangle set with a single mystic topaz ?   !!
stylish midnight blue tulle dress with a crystal-beaded bodice ?   !!
wristlet of wrought-silver snowdrop blossoms strung upon gossamer ribbons ?   !!
shimmering grey satin evening gloves ?   !!
silvered purple satin slippers with low onyx heels ?   !!
articulated silver choker suspending a vert parchment leaf ?   
dainty slippers bearing glaes dragonfly clasps ?   !!
expansive necklace of labyrinthine tendrils suspending nightfire opal dragonflies ?   !!
pair of delicate silver slippers ?   !!
petite top hat decorated by a silver rose ?   !!
meshor fox pelt stole clasped with an intricate brooch ?   !!
slim silken reticule swept with abstract blue embroidery ?   !!
platinum-chased earrings bearing clusters of onyx and champagne diamonds 312,500   
gossamer and silk gown trimmed in silver lace ?   !!
concave-cut starfire topaz pendant strung on a glossy glaes bead chain ?   !!
pale silver silk evening gloves ?   !!
airy gown of pale caesious silk split to reveal shorter satiny underskirts ?   
dark blue satin slippers with glittering heels ?   !!
elegantly demure gown of aubergine damask patterned with Zoluren forest irises ?   !!
pale silver silk slippers with crystalline heels ?   !!
silver and platinum wristcuff dangling a single heart-shaped charm ?   !!
silverwood bangle dripping with tiers of emerald and jade beading ?   
simple platinum chain bearing a zephyr heart trapped within a wirework cage ?   !!
spiraled platinum wristcuff dangling a tiny swirling charoite from each endpoint ?   
long volcano's heart citrine earrings ?   !!
slender gown accented by a wending celestial pattern worked in zenganne ?   !!
golden filigree spiral set with volcano's heart citrines ?   !!

How it Works

Items sold on the table are all one of a kind, and were all previously owned and worn by either Lady Lilena Turmar or Lady Sini Magen, save for a small number of items donated by Stylist Almodivar from his personal collection.

When Handmaiden Lorittia has new items from the Ladies to sell, names are chosen from the list in the waiting room. If your name is chosen, you are escorted to the sales floor to look at the item currently on the table. You may then buy the item if you wish, or decline. If you buy the item, it will be the only thing you can buy from this shop. If you decline, you are able to join the list when it reopens and have a chance at future items.

Blind Auction

In Prime on Sunday, June 12th 2016 at 1:26pm EST two items worn by Lady Sini Magen at the Turmar-Magen Charity Auction were auctioned off as a set by Lorittia.

Lorittia asks, "Oh, you haven't heard?"
Lorittia says, "The Lady Sini is auctioning off her auction outfit.  A lovely dress and slippers."
Lorittia says, "She put me in charge of doing it."
Lorittia says, "We'll be doing it here after the final item is sold."
Lorittia says, "As a set."
Lorittia says, "Once I sell the last of the items, I'll open up the list a final time."
Lorittia says, "When I select a name off the list, they will whisper to me their bid."
Lorittia says, "Even if you have bought an item already, you can join in for the auction."
Lorittia says, "You get only *one* bid.  The highest bid will win."
Lorittia says, "If you say it and don't whisper it, you will be disqualified."
Item Buyer Notes
demure cornflower shireli lace dress lined in silveress Ibakha Donated by Lady Sini Magen, part of the set
pair of silveress slippers elevated by spiritwood pattens Ibakha Donated by Lady Sini Magen, part of the set