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This article reveals in-game secrets, spoilers, walkthroughs, or other information not intended for general knowledge in-game.

Empath Shock Quest

Empaths who have Empathic shock and have reached a "null" or fully shocked state must undergo a quest to begin to heal their empathy over time again. Empaths who are not fully shocked may also do the quest to reduce the amount of shock they currently have. This quest may be repeated an unlimited amount of times.

There is a minimum amount of Empathic shock necessary to be given the Empathic shock quest. The quest takes around 8 hours to do. If you don't have at least a couple hours worth of shock, you don't have enough to get the quest.
The shock quest does not remove a shock scar. Currently, there are no plans to make shock scars removable.


[Vela'Tohr Edge, Secluded Grove]
The sense of darkness that permeates the surrounding woods seems to be lifted here. Birds and other small creatures can be heard through the underbrush as well as rustlings of other origins. You also see Nadigo and a narrow path.
Obvious paths: none.

The quest may be started by finding Nadigo on RanikMap133. The path to the area does have creatures which can be dangerous if the Empath does not have sufficient combat training, so an escort or use of Innocence is advised.
Once you arrive at Nadigo, ASK NADIGO ABOUT SHOCK.

Nadigo gives a slight nod of his head before speaking, "There have been many Empaths who have suffered from shock. Some have been careless, others have deliberately taken shock upon themselves to heal or prevent harm to another.
"Recently, a way to relieve the shock of an empath was found. The path is difficult but it is possible, with the help of the vela'tohr, for an empath's shock to be lessened without needing to enlist other empaths in the task." Nadigo places a hand on your shoulder and stares deep into your eyes. "I sense a great pain within you, you have lost some of your ability to sense others. However, with the process I have described, you may recover a small measure of your sensitivity. If you desire to embark on this quest, simply ask me about shock again."
Nadigo gazes at you searchingly, then nods. "Very well, NAME. If you wish, I will show you what you must do to begin the rekindling of your empathy. You find me here in the vela'tohr woods, and I trust you are canny enough to know that it is not by chance. The vela'tohr are sentient, empathic plants, you see, and the Empaths' guild has sent many generations of scholars here to study them."
Nadigo smiles, carefully drawing a vela'tohr seed from a capacious leather belt pouch. He carefully fits the seed into a cleverly woven helical twine net, suspended from a loop of cord to fashion a crude medallion. As he works, he continues, "Unfortunately, the plants here are all tainted by necromancy. The young that do germinate here are as twisted and mad as the parent plants, but seeds taken elsewhere, lacking a benevolent empathic presence, fail to sprout entirely. As it happens, Salvur, one of our preeminent researchers, discovered that a seed kept with a benevolent user of life mana could indeed germinate if a proper bond could be formed."
Nadigo pauses here, gazing pensively at the vela'tohr seed as if searching for the right words. Nadigo says, "It won't work for just anyone. So far, none but empaths, or former empaths have been able to pull it off, though we're still looking into the question of why." Shaking his head, he continues, "I'm sure this all sounds very nice. Attempting to reestablish the vela'tohr population, but the interesting thing is, the empath benefits from the strange bond too. If your empathy is damaged, the germination of the seed will bolster your empathy in a way that simple waiting just cannot. And if your empathy is gone, why, the germination of the seed will provide you with the barest spark."
Nadigo smiles ruefully at you. "Well, I'm sure you're eager to get started. I shouldn't ramble so. Here's what you must do. You must find a peaceful, forested place with an abundance of life mana. When you identify such a place, attempt to meditate on the vela'tohr seed I give you. The seeds can be picky, and won't respond to some places you might expect they'd like. They also don't usually respond to the same spot or even the same area once you've meditated there. You may have to meditate on the seed in many different places before a bond will form. Every seed is different. When it happens, though, you'll know. Bring the seed back to me then, and I will germinate it for you."
Nadigo says, "It's strung on a medallion, don't take it off again until you're ready for me to germinate it for you. When the seed is ready, come back here and give it to me."

The Seed

Nadigo will place a lustrous vela'tohr seed dangling from a twisted linen cord on your character. It is important not to lose this item until you have completed the quest, or you will have to come back and start over. You will need to find areas with high life mana and MEDITATE SEED.

  • Note: Causing additional shock while you have the seed can cause the seed to be destroyed.
    • Suddenly, you feel a tearing wrench followed by uncanny, vegetative agony. You realize that your aggressive action has severed the link forming between you and your vela'tohr seed.
    • The seed grows dull and lusterless, before shriveling and crumbling away.

Seed Mechanics

  • Cooldown
  • There is a cooldown of 56-65 minutes upon a successful seed meditation. This is randomly determined, and you'll know how long your cooldown will be based on the duration of the roundtime you receive when you successfully meditate on the seed. 10 seconds will mean either 61 or 59 minutes, and each additional second will either add or subtract one minute. So 14 seconds of roundtime would mean either 65 or 55 minutes.
  • Acceptable Rooms
  • Must be outside
  • Must not be a water room
  • Must be in a different zone each time you meditate
  • Must be a certain biome: Highland/Alpine, Highland Mountains, Boreal Forest, or Deciduous Forest
  • Must have a minimum amount of life mana
(Note: this can be affected by Raise Power but the contribution from this bonus seems to be capped
  • Successful meditations will cause a slight vitality hit, drain attunement and fatigue. Actual amounts may vary per attempt.
  • You must successfully meditate on the seed 8 times to fully 'charge' it.
  • Successful meditation
    You close your eyes and direct your mental and magical senses toward your vela'tohr seed, trying to still your thoughts. You inhale and exhale, the scent of the forest's loamy soil dominating your senses. Your mind wanders as you continue to meditate in silence; you consider the richness of the soil, the smell of freshly turned earth in the rain, and the minute sounds of the sightless creatures that aerate and inhabit the earthy depths. After a while, you can almost sense the trees around you drawing strength and nutrients from the soil, their roots spreading out beneath and around you in every direction.
    As the strange sensations subside, you feel suddenly fatigued and unsteady. You sense that something is moving between you and the seed as a vast quantity of life energy is rapidly drawn from you to nurture the infant plant growing within the seed.
    Roundtime: 12 sec.

  • Failure due to too close to the vela'tohr woods and the corrupted plants.
    You close your eyes and breathe deeply, directing your mental and magical senses toward the vela'tohr seed dangling from the cord around your neck. You brush the seed with your fingers, attempting to form a bond with the infant plant. As you concentrate, you realize that you are still too close to the area where the tainted vela'tohr grow. You fear that meditating here would harm the tiny plant forming within the seed.
    Roundtime: 5 sec.
  • Failure due to bad conditions (not enough life mana, not a forested area, misc).
    You close your eyes and breathe deeply, directing your mental and magical senses toward the vela'tohr seed dangling from the cord around your neck. You brush the seed with your fingers, attempting to form a bond with the infant plant. You sense some magical stirring within the seed, but nothing more happens despite your concentration.
    Roundtime: 5 sec.
  • Failure due to being too close to an area where you have previously meditated successfully.
    You close your eyes and breathe deeply, directing your mental and magical senses toward the vela'tohr seed dangling from the cord around your neck. You brush the seed with your fingers, attempting to form a bond with the infant plant. Bewildering alien visions flash through your mind's eye, and you sense that the nascent consciousness growing within the seed is already familiar with this area. A brief surge of vegetable contentment courses through you. You smell the earthy scent of fresh rain on rich soil.
    Roundtime: 5 sec.
  • Failure due to recently having 'charged' the seed.
    As you direct your senses toward your vela'tohr seed, your fingers seem to tingle in sympathy with the abundance of energy recently transferred from you to the nascent plant.
    Bewildering images briefly flash through your mind's eye as the world seems to lurch around you. As the confusing sensations subside, you sense that the seed is still processing the energy and experiences it took from you during your last meditation.
    Note:There is no RT for this failure.

End of the Quest

Once the seed is fully 'charged' return it to Nadigo.