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Status: Alive
Guild: Empath
Race: Unknown
Gender: Male
Location: Crossing (Ranik Map 1)


Clad in a long, blue robe, Nadigo stands calmly before you. Even though his hair has started to grey and you can see faint crow's feet at his eyes, he greets everyone on the street with a warm smile and a handshake. Occasionally, his eyes close in concentration and you can sense eddies of life energy around him. A small pouch is fastened to his waist, from which you smell a faint scent of lavender.


  • In the Platinum and the Fallen instances he -
    teaches how to establish a link with someone
    teaches how to manipulate a creature into being friendly towards you
  • In all instances, lives in the Vela'Tohr Edge off a path from Adder's Coil in Forfedhdar, but does not serve the same purpose as in Plat and the Fallen.
    Room Name: [Vela'Tohr Edge, Secluded Grove]
  • Will only teach Link if you've asked two Guildleaders about the ability AFTER you've talked to him first. Stay until the person mentions Nadigo by name, it only takes a few moments.
  • As of 7/28/23, he still won't teach manipulate if you have less than 50 empathy.
  • Word of Caution: There are quite a lot athletics checks on this journey, some in rooms with creatures. It might be best to take some protection that can guard you and also drag you.


ASK Nadigo About:

  • VELA'TOHR: Nadigo smiles and says, "Ah yes, the vela'tohr. Sentient plants. They're all around us here. The Modien of the guild sent a team of Empath researchers out here to study them. Wonderful creatures. When they first sprout, they are empathic, like all creatures. Even afterward, though, the adults are quite remarkable. Unfortunately, the ones around here are all tainted by dark magic or maybe Necromancy. The Guild's leadership hoped that some specimens might be freed from the blight."

Nadigo pauses for a moment, gazing out into the woods. He continues, "It's a bit tricky to sum up. Many decades of research and striving condensed into just so many words. The head researcher was named Salvur Siksa, sent out here some decades ago. He studied these plants for many, many years. He was close to a breakthrough when he was asked to take over as Guildleader in Zoluren, but K'Eksharo took his notes and managed to fit in the last few pieces of the puzzle. The plants, you see, require a benevolent presence to sprout. They had been trying for years to get the poor infant plants to grow, but they never thrived. It requires someone with Empathy, or at least more than a theoretical understanding of Empathy. The plants, in the presence of such a person, are able to bond with him or her, and can then sprout, grow and thrive, able to fight off the blight that plagues the rest of the creatures here."

Nadigo laughs ruefully, "Well, that's close to the way of it anyway. The whole process has the side effect of greatly bolstering an Empath's sensitivity to life essences, if such a one has done something to harm his Empathy, or even extinguished it entirely. It's a bit more complicated than that, in truth, but you don't really need to know all the nitty gritty details unless you're planning on fostering a seed."

  • SALVUR: Nadigo grimaces, "A little brown-noser he is, always agrees with what K'Eksharo says. I don't particularly like him, a bit too gruff for my taste."
  • EMPATH: Nadigo grins, "I am an Empath. Empaths are the healers of life, and help Clerics in their battle against the undead. We can also manipulate the life essences of living things, whether this be by healing them or subtly imposing our will upon them."
  • MANIPULATION (PRIME): Nadigo smiles at you, "We Empaths have the ability to use our Empathic connection to affect the emotions of others, especially those of creatures.Nadigo does not seem to know anything about that.
  • EKSHARO: Nadigo harrumps, "For one who is supposed to be in touch with the feelings of others, he shows a remarkable lack of empathy, and an enormous lack of foresight. Well, he's just a scared old man."
  • SHOCK (WITH SCAR): Nadigo gives a slight nod of his head before speaking, "There have been many Empaths who have suffered from shock. Some have been careless, others have deliberately taken shock upon themselves to heal or prevent harm to another.

"Recently, a way to relieve the shock of an empath was found. The path is difficult but it is possible, with the help of the vela'tohr, for an empath's shock to be lessened without needing to enlist other empaths in the task." Nadigo looks intensely into your eyes before continuing, "While you currently have the ability to empathize with others, I sense that you have not always been so fortunate. Unfortunately, neither I nor the vela'tohr can help you at this juncture. Perhaps after a bit more experimenation[sic/reported], we may come up with a way to eliminate the residual scarring you possess.

  • NADIGO: Nadigo looks at you and smiles, "That would be me lad. I was raised in The Crossing and traveled quite a bit before the guild asked me to come here and help K'Salvur with our studies of the Vela'Tohr."
  • ANNEAL: Nadigo smiles at you, "A bit of a dour one, or so she seems on the outside. But, I knew her before..." He pauses a moment. "Well, that hardly matters now. Suffice it to say she does not always agree with what her superiors tell her. But neither do I, for that matter." Nadigo chuckles.